Mayonnaise just released their first collaborative song with I Belong To the Zoo and if WE can’t get enough of it, we’re pretty sure you won’t too!

The much-awaited release dated March 13 was an instant fan-favorite. Many were expecting the song to be a slow heartbreaker but it turned out to be, quite refreshingly, a fast-paced bittersweet love song. In “Pahirapan” Monty Macalino, frontman of Mayonnaise and writer of the song, sings of a love that’s frustratingly hard at a time when the lovers have supposedly outgrown their immaturities. The singer pleads for his love to make sense, to stop fighting and to stop hurting him in a desperate cry which some of us know all too well.

The Song

According to the song-writer, “Pahirapan” was actually based from the broken heart of a real person who was close to both Argee of I Belong to the Zoo and himself. The song was written as Argee joined them for a tour around Bicol.

“Napakadali dahil matagal na kaming magkaibigan… Di nga kami nagkita sa studio eh,” Monty said of working together with his co-collaborator. Their bond definitely flowed well into the heartfelt spirit of the entire song even as it’s quite unusual to hear IBTZ’s vocals in a more upbeat full-band set up. We’re definitely looking forward to a live performance of this mix! Monty Macalino assures fans that they’ll be putting out more new music for everyone to enjoy even as we await for things to get back to regular programming what with the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent quarantine that has left us with no gigs to attend.

More Than Just a Song Release

Literally and figuratively this was more than just a song release because not only did they release the song on March 13, but they released it together with the MV too! It’s worth noting that the MV has nothing to do with the song whatsoever, as admitted by the frontman, but that definitely doesn’t stop us from gushing over the slick shots and not to mention that major plot-twist you should definitely look out for!


But wait, there’s more! The band who’s known for pulling our leg with funny antics have not only given us this beloved song and its MV to enjoy but have also put out a very witty take on the Filipino karaoke culture for their official lyric video and we know for a fact you’ll be watching it right after reading this article! Don’t fret–we’ve got you covered. Stream Pahirapan on Spotify, its official music video and lyric video on youtube!


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