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With this week’s OPM DISC, we are looking forward to listening to 5 artists and their music. They are The Juans, Ivy Yvon, Rich Valencia, alpha yang, and Cup of Joe. So if you are in to adventuring with us in the world of sound, don’t stop reading this article!

The Juans

In case that you were like us and were not aware of The Juans at all, they are your not-so-typical boy band. Previously consisting of 5 members, they are now left with 2 dashing and passionate guys, namely: Carl Guevarra and Japs Mendoza. These two have been garnering listeners recently with the success of their single, ‘Hindi Tayo Pwede‘.

The Juans Carl Guevarra and Japs Mendoza

Honestly, we feel like we have been living under a rock all this time. Because surprisingly, the said single has already garnered 14 million streams on Spotify and 13 million views on YouTube.

‘Hindi Tayo Pwede’ has also been sang by Janine Teñoso, of which rendition was used in the movie ‘Indak‘. Because of her wonderful version, The Juans decided to share a very special live performance of them alongside the female singer.

Watch them perform the song by playing the YouTube video below!

A heartbreaking song sang by vocalists who pour their hearts into the piece – this version of ‘Hindi Tayo Pwede’ is honestly very, very beautiful. In fact, it was even able to bring a few tears into the corners of our eyes, no shit.

Moreover, given that it was the first time we have heard of this song, we immediately felt the heartfelt message it was sending across. A love that is wanted but can’t be – you can just never really force things to work if it was not meant to in the first place. Sakit, amp. 

Rich Valencia

Thankfully, because of these recent OPM DISC and music articles and that we have been releasing, more artists have been reaching out to us in U Do U. One of them is Rich Valencia, an independent singer-songwriter from Zambales.

She had only been active in producing songs this year, because she chose to follow other career paths. But as a birthday gift for herself, she finally focused on making music, eventually releasing her debut single, ‘Mahal Kita‘.

Watch the music video for her painful song below.

As people who had experiences in falling for a best friend, this song totally hit us right in the feels. In ‘Mahal Kita’, you could clearly hear the beautiful and passionate voice of Rich Valencia, which is impressive considering she produced the song herself. The song is a bit reminiscent of classic Pinoy ballad and we love how that kick of nostalgia added more to our experience with the song.

What do you think of it? Don’t hesitate to share with us your thoughts!

Ivy Yvon (of PPop Generation)

In case you guys missed it (because we sadly did), PPop Generation is a Filipino girl group that showcases 45 young ladies from various parts of the Philippines. As parts of a large collective and as individuals, each member of the said group has her own beauty and talent that shines through. One of them is Ivy Yvon, who is making her own solo debut with this pop ballad track, ‘Hindi Nag-iba‘.

Listen to one of the main vocalists of the group as she shows off her wide vocal range in this song.

In the first part of ‘Hindi Nag-iba’, you could clearly the hear Ivy’s youth through her cute singing voice. However, her maturity also peeks through when the track takes it up a notch, and it’s really remarkable.

Moreover, it’s wonderful how the song itself talks about a journey of a young heart trying to come up with a mature decision. Somehow, almost all of us have gone through that one way or another, and honestly? Relatable af.

alpha yang

If you guys were keeping track, we already knew alpha yang when we listened to his single ‘For a While’. Now, he recently released a single titled ‘CHOCOLATE HILLS‘, the latest after his debut album ‘Spellbound’.

Listen to it with us by simply clicking the Spotify Play button below.

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Daaamn bro, ‘CHOCOLATE HILLS’ is smooth as hell! As the title implies, it feels like we were swimming in an ocean of luscious chocolate and honestly, it’s a sensual and wonderful feeling. We don’t want to explain it too much though, because it’s better if you listen and feel it yourself.

Now proving that he really doesn’t disappoint, we are looking forward to more music from alpha yang!

Cup of Joe

Honestly, we never expect that we would feel the same feeling of excitement again. When you listen to music over and over again, sometimes the hype for discovery just fades away. However, when someone fortunately brought up Cup of Joe to us and we listened to a song of theirs, we felt that feeling light up our being once again. Our eyes just lit up as we listened to their cute, festive, lovey-dovey song, titled ‘Alas Dose‘.

Listen to it and tell us what you think about it in the comments below!

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Hailing from Baguio City, the Summer Capital of the Philippines, these really young(!) boys just formed last September 2018. Since then, they have been journeying on a music career under VIVA Records, and it seems that they have a bright future ahead of them.

‘Alas Dose’ is the band’s latest single and their Christmas-themed pop love song. It was able to make us recall or even imagine celebrating the yuletide season together with a significant someone. Whether you have a certain special one or not though, listening to the song already makes us feel quite in love.

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