For today, we will be having another OPM DISC article for you all!

We know that a lot of artists are reaching out to us recently. So from the bottom of our hearts, we just want to thank you all for supporting U Do U! Of course, we will do our best to make sure your music are well-heard and appreciated. So for today, below are the 5 artists and their singles that we will be listening to.

Franz & Francis

Formed by Jay and Jayson Pasicolan, Franz & Francis is an indie soul and R&B duo from Manila. Being a pair of talented guys, their music is really something that you shouldn’t miss out on. Having two singles on Spotify which both sounds like chocolate slowly melting, we are honestly looking forward to more of their releases.

Listen to one of their singles titled ‘Flyin’ Over‘ by simply playing the video below.

At first listen to ‘Flyin’ Over’, you would notice that it sounds a bit like those YouTube videos you listen to while studying. Consisting of lo-fi beats and smooth vocals, this song is something that you might want to play during a chill roadtrip. It’s also easy to groove to, provoking some dance moves from us here and there.

Overall, we love the whole vibe of ‘Flyin’ Over’ and the artist, Franz & Francis. Again, we are hoping for more music from them soon. Because honestly during the whole time we were listening, we just felt like happy puddles of melted goo. And it was a good feeling.

Ginoong Vitalis

Ginoong Vitalis is band formed within the walls of Intramuros as 5 young men from Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila decided to share their own talents with others. Apparently, they are influenced by bands like Urbandub, Sugarfree and the futuristic music of Incubus in creating their distinct sound.

However, after going on hiatus for a long time, Ginoong Vitalis came back to start again but with only two of its original members, Jericho del Monte and John Carlo Asuncion. Now, they have released the digital version of their ‘Ngayong Gabi’ EP, and it seems like they have a lot of plans for the future too. Something which we are looking forward to.

So for starters, listen with us to one of their singles from the EP, titled ‘Pilit‘.

Open in Spotify

From the mere intro of the song, we were immediately hooked. Honestly too, we don’t want to deny that we danced in a really, really weird way while banging our heads to the strums of the electric guitar.

Moreover, when the vocalist started singing and telling a story about someone who fell out love, we just can’t help but relate. Love is obviously complicated but all these sad songs about it just amplify it more. And somehow, it feels sad but still beautiful.

Patrick Lacambacal

A young musician with a passion for singing and songwriting, Patrick Lacambacal is a solo artist who shared with us his first ever single on Spotify titled ‘Hindi Na Ikaw‘. Listen to the sad ballad by simply clicking the Spotify Play button below.

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Honestly upon listening to the track, we heard of the great potential of the artist. There are a lot of things that we liked about the song – especially its relatable message – and we are greatly looking forward to more music from Patrick Lacambacal!

Wardy Puyod

Hailing all the way from Davao City, Wardy Puyod is apparently a ‘regular guy with rockstar dreams’. Recently, he reached out to us to share his original song ‘Bandila Sa Mundo‘. This he wrote in support for the Filipino athletes who competed in the 30th SEA Games which was recently held here at the Philippines.

Listen to ‘Bandila Sa Mundo’ by Wardy Puyod by simply playing the lyric video below.

From just listening to the song, we felt a wave of patriotism wash upon us. Moreover, we really appreciate the strong lyrics sending a message about being proud that we are Filipinos. Because of this, we just want to listen to more of Wardy Puyod’s songs. We feel like he has a lot of potential, especially in his songwriting.

Moreover, kudos to him for creating this beautiful song which surely brought Filipino pride to anyone who has heard it!

Bad New Days

When it comes to message, this single by Bad New Days may be our favorite in this OPM DISC list. Formed with Lex (guitarist), Yuro, (guitarist/synthist), Karen (bassist), the band wants to send across a call to action with this song. Talking about being in an abusive relationship and being clueless on what to do, ‘Kalayaan‘ urges people to speak up against any mistreatment that they may be getting from a partner.

Listen to this single by Bad New Days featuring Seh Dela Peña.

This is a really beautiful song with a powerful message, and we just appreciate the artists for using their platform to speak up on a very important issue. So, kudos to Bad New Days for this!

What do you think of these OPM DISC artists? Also, what is your favorite track among all of those included above? Let us know your thoughts or opinions by sharing them through the comments below! Or just simply hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter account, @udouph.