Today, we have another OPM DISC for y’all! Listen with us as we discover new music from various talented Filipino artists.

We at U Do U are just overjoyed with how more Filipino artists are reaching out to us to share their music. Of course, it is our pleasure to listen to their different tracks that we can eventually promote to the community. To be frank, we don’t want this to ever stop because literally, who hates beautiful music playing in their ears?

So for today, we are listening to 5 OPM artists and their songs. Listen along with us and discover these gems that are waiting to be found, appreciated, and loved.

Meg Mangoba

Meg Mangoba is an independent artist that has been pursuing her passion for music ever since she was young. She has been active in the music scene since 2017, releasing singles and performing in gigs. It is a bit regretful that we just knew of her now, considering the amount of talent that she has.

Listen to her fourth and newest single titled ‘Alam Mo Ba‘ below.

First listen: ‘Alam Mo Ba’ is a frickin’ painful song, man! Honestly, this is the type of song that you would share to your heartbroken friends because you know they would relate to it. Moreover, Meg’s voice is really beautiful. She really shines while hitting high notes, as it shows how powerful her vocals are.

Tatahakin ang buong mundo para sa’yo
Kung lilibutin ko ito, sana tayo ay muling magtagpo sa dulo
Kung saan maibabalik pa ang nakaraan

While listening, we just felt all the emotions that she was sending across with the use of her voice. The message of the song is really sad, and she was able to translate it across to her audience.

Moreover, as Meg thoroughly explains, ‘Alam Mo Ba’ is “a confession of one’s true feelings towards a former lover, and the hopes of meeting that person again one day and rekindling the love that once was lost, even if that seems impossible.

Noy Cua

Another artist that we didn’t know of before that we know now is Noy Cua, a solo act from Ilagan City, Isabela. He is heavily inspired by the Emo revival movement and often talks about love, loss and hope in his songs.

He recently released an EP called ‘Kapit Lang, Sinta‘ containing 4 tracks. One of them is currently at the top of his popular songs on Spotify, titled ‘Bb. Sining‘. Listen to it with us by simply clicking the Play button below.

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First listen: *sigh* Another sad song about a loss of a loved one. When will musicians stop making us feel sad? Nonetheless, this song by Noy Cua is really emotional and beautiful. Honestly, we might have cried just a little bit while listening to this. Just look at some of the lyrics from the song below!

Kamusta ka na sinta?
Maayos ka pa ba?
Ilang ulit nang natumba
Patuloy pa rin sa paghinga

To answer the question, we are not okay! There are a lot of things in this world that are bad, but Noy Cua’s music that proves otherwise and is one that can really help people go through life.

Chess Boxing

One group from this list of artists that really caught our attention was Chess Boxing. After all, their band name is really interesting. Their music is reminiscent of early 2000s pop punk as they were inspired by acts such as Jimmy Eat World and Box Car Racer.

Apparently, they are currently working on their debut EP — something which we are looking forward to! Meanwhile, you can listen to one of their singles on their Spotify below, titled ‘Possum‘.

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First listen: While listening to it, we noticed that the vocal recording was much louder than the instruments, making the song a little bit off. However, the pure voice of the vocalist really added some appeal to it. Overall, we still liked this track and we feel that their band has a lot of potential.

Looking forward to more releases from Chess Boxing!


Eiffel is a three-piece band that plays indie music inspired by punk and 90s emotional hardcore. Some reoccuring themes within their songs are self-improvement, loss, regrets, and self-healing.

Meanwhile, they recently released an EP titled ‘Unsaid Things’ consisting of 7 tracks, one of which is titled ‘Prologue I: Things That Went Unsaid

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First listen: The sound of Eiffel is really unique and honestly, we liked it. There is also something a bit off with the recording, but the music was beautiful anyway. It somehow made us melancholic, but in a good way. Now we just want to curl up in bed and reflect on our lives.

Skip Saturday

Surprisingly, Skip Saturday is an artist that we already know! In fact, we have listened to their single ‘Kasunduan‘ which was used as an OST for ‘Watch Me Kill’, an entry for last September’s Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino.

Recently, last November 2, they have released an acoustic version of their song, ‘Manghuhula‘. Listen to it with us by playing the Spotify track below.

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First listen: Again, another sad song. This made us really senti, but again, in a good way. To be frank, this may be our favorite among this list because of the way it just really affected us. We are not brokenhearted, but it made us feel like we are. We love this, currently adding to our ‘Bigo’ Playlist!

If you enjoyed this article, please look forward to more OPM DISCs! Moreover if you are a musician yourself, don’t hesitate to reach us through our social media! Other than that, we hope that you would also check out more from the artists included in this article.

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