Be it in the film, gaming, or music industry, we don’t ever stop finding and discovering new treasures.

Take it from us, U Do U loves promoting the Philippines’ very own. So for tonight, we are going to be listening to a bunch of different OPM artists and their newly-released singles. Moreover, because some of them asked for it, we are also going to be leaving a few comments on their music.

Honestly, we are not experts or even professionals in the music industry. But as self-proclaimed music enthusiasts, we are going to review their songs with subjectivity and more importantly, with kindness. *wink*

Jason Marvin – EDSA

For those of you who didn’t already know him, Jason Marvin is Moira Dela Torre‘s husband. So it is just really amazing to find that he also releases good music. This fact makes us wonder, how heavenly are their jamming sessions?

First listen: EDSA is now hurting us in another way, man! The song is simple and mellow but it brilliantly showcases the singer’s cool tone. And honestly, that’s what really captivated us throughout the whole song. Moreover, the lyrics are painful as it expresses the apparent musings of a broken heart. Ugh, sakit.

DELANEY – Pelikula

DELANEY is a pop-rock band under the Tower of Doom record label. You might be familiar with their vocalist, Kyle Cayton, because we saw him last time in the music video for End Street’s Sandali Lang.

First listen: Upon listening, the singer’s vocals reminded us immediately of the band A Rocket to the Moon’s vocalist – they kind of have the same vocal timbre. Again, we are not experts so we apologize in advance for any misusage of technical terms. Moreover, ‘Pelikula’ is a good song with a catchy but painful chorus. We really love how the singer was able to portray the message of the song properly by evoking the hurt through his voice.

Denice Lao – Just Got Home

Denice Lao is obviously a new name to the music scene. That is why the single above, ‘Just Got Home’, is actually her first release ever. We are glad that we got to listen to it this early and we are looking forward to her growth as an artist.

First listen: When the song opened with a cute but sad tune, we assumed that the message is somehow melancholic. So when the lyrics came on the screen, we knew we were right. The song is all about bad timing – not just regarding love, but also in relation to dreams and goals in life. It is honestly really something that we could all somehow relate to.

Moreover, we’re not really sure why, but listening to this song also reminded us of Concrete Angel by Martina McBride.

Meryl – Dagat

First listen: Immediately as the song started, we had the urge to dance. We really liked the intro hook because it was really upbeat and it aroused the feeling of being carefree. Automatically, we assumed that it would be a song about happily loving someone. However, we were proven wrong when the pre-chorus came on and the singer was talking about drowning in sadness.

Overall though, we really enjoyed listening to ‘Dagat’! It was refreshing and we really, really loved that hook!

Psyka PH – Inside an Enigma

This song is different from all the others in this list because it is pure instrumental. Interesting. 

First listen: ‘Inside an Enigma’ is a simple song. What’s just hard about instrumental music though is that you can never really know the message of the song because there are no lyrics. Our wild guess of what Psyka PH wants to say – based on their intense music and the title – is that a person can be really hard to read. There may be a lot of things going on… but deep inside, they are beautiful. As we say, that was a wild guess, but that was how we somehow felt while listening to the music.

Jj Ramos – Ako Ikaw Tayo

To be frank, ‘Jj Ramos’ is a new name for us. However upon checking out his YouTube channel, we see that he has already released three songs, namely: Ako Ikaw Tayo, Aminin, and Hating Gabi.

First listen: When Jj Ramos started singing, we immediately notice the soft huskiness that his voice holds. Moreover, we think that the message of the mellow, beautiful song is about the feeling of slowly falling in love with someone. Honestly, we really love it because it captures the image of the small but precious moments happening between two people connecting.

This is super heartfelt and we hope Jj Ramos continues to make music like this!

Alexander Diaz – Kaleidoscope View

If you guys are thinking that ‘Alexander Diaz’ is a familiar name, yup he’s that guy! He’s an actor and you may also know him as VJ Alex from Myx. Honestly, we were surprised when we realized that it’s him singing this song.

First listen: Honestly, we didn’t expect this song at all! It is a ‘chill’ type of song, but also something you want to be playing while in an intimate moment with someone. We can already imagine slow dancing to this, LOL. Also, we can’t help but say “eyy” when the rap part came on. Overall, ‘Kaleidoscope View’ is a treat for the ears. The vocals of Alex Diaz are honestly also really good and exquisite, something which we really didn’t expect.

FRANCE – Isang Beses

Honestly, out of all the songs from this list, we especially liked this song. It may be unfair because seeing the music video has added impact to our listening, but the song is really, really beautiful too.

First listen: This song really impressed us because of its gentleness. While listening to it, we can’t help but clutch our chest and feel everything. The voice of the singer felt like a whisper to our hearts and we were able to imagine some special moments that we wanted to last a little longer. Again, we are reminded of how fleeting life may be and the sorrows that come with it. It’s sad, but really beautiful too.

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