To end the week, we are creating another OPM DISC for artists who want to share their talents and craft with the world!

2019 is coming to an end and with it, we just want to thank all the OPM artists whom we had the chance to connect with this year. Also, we just want to thank you all for sharing with us your beautiful music and allowing us to witness your burning passion for what you do.

Another year is up and coming, and we hope you will continue to be with us with our journey in cultivating a community of individuals with similar interests. Be it in music, gaming, dance, lifestyle, entertainment or events, we hope you continue on supporting U Do U!

So for today, here is another OPM DISC article with 4 featured artists for y’all who are just looking for more songs to add to their playlists before the year ends.


Conikel is an indie rock band from the outskirts of Manila which is formed by cousins Roxy (vocals, guitar) and Lucas Santiago (drums) with their college friends Joshua Garcia (bass) and Jikaru Mendoza (guitar). Their first official single titled ‘waves/end‘ apparently features their bombastic grunge-inspired sound fused with contemporary EDM, marching band percussions and anthemic arena-like choruses.

Listen to ‘waves/end’ with us by simply clicking the Spotify Play button below.

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Honestly upon listening to ‘waves/end’, we were impressed with the really unique sound of the band. We loved how it brought us to a very different place and somehow, we were reminded of Linkin Park too because of its ‘Transformer’ or action movie dystopian vibes.

Frankly, we immediately knew that they have a lot of potential and so, we are very much looking forward to Conikel’s future releases!


Neverseas is a pop-rock band from Manila composing of Kipp Pascual, Manu Avila and Rommel Jabla. Beforehand, Kipp and Manu played in a band called Along Van Buren. However, after undergoing through some changes with their style, vibe, and music, they decided to start a new project called ‘Neverseas’.

Presently, they aim to be a band who catches their audiences with bittersweet lines and hooks. To know more about their music with us, listen to their single below titled ‘No Promises‘.

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Listening to ‘No Promises’, we imagined all the teenage chick-flick movies that we watched growing up. It’s a song that you might want to listen to while going on a walk, riding a bike, or just travelling to somewhere. We really like it, especially because of how upbeat it us. Somehow, it makes us imagine our lives in better ways, like everything’s a lot brighter and happier.


If you were able to keep track of our other OPM DISC articles, you may already be familiar with Skyforce. We have listened to his single titled ‘My Sun, My Moon and My Stars’ before and now, he has released a new single titled ‘I Love You‘. Listen to it with us by simply playing the Spotify button below!

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Honestly just from the start of the song, we felt like the artist improved a lot with the recording style. The instruments sound more polished and suit the artist’s vocals better. Moreover, the voice of the singer just sounds really pure and genuine, like someone was just singing to you personally.

Of course, like his previous single, the message of the song was sweet and heartfelt. And so we feel like we should just say, “the force is strong with this one”.

Hey, Billie!

Fortunately, we have already listened to a single by Hey, Billie! before. One titled ‘Dilim‘, we really liked the seductive feel of the song. So somehow, we are already familiar with the artist, and we are greatly impressed with them.

Now, they have released their second single ‘Luck‘ on digital streaming platforms. So below, listen to Hey, Billie!’s single with us by simply clicking the Spotify Play button below.

If we liked ‘Dilim’ before, nothing absolutely changed with ‘Luck’. In fact, we love how groovy it sounds, like we could just dance to it over and over while listening. So again, we are impressed and are very much looking forward to more songs by Hey, Billie!

What do you think of these artists and their music? Moreover, what is your favorite single among all that is featured in this article? Let us know your thoughts or opinions by sharing them through the comments below! Or just simply hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter account, @udouph.

Header photo taken by John Paolo Gatdula