For today, we are going to be listening to 6 artists and their fresh singles. They are Bryant, Sugarcane, Alex Bruce, Antipara, Akong Alayam and Majo Elli.

Continuously, a lot of Filipino artists – both aspiring and professional – are contributing to the music industry by releasing their fresh singles. However, as consumers of music, we can’t deny that not every single musician is recognized because of our limited capacity as human beings. That is why with today’s OPM DISC, we want to help introduce to you 6 more artists and their music, which you just might enjoy.

Namely, they are BRYANT, Sugarcane, Alex Bruce, Antipara, Akong Alayam and Majo Elli.

Majo Elli – Move

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Majo Tendenilla, who goes by the artist name Majo Elli, is an indie bedroom musician from Manila. For more than a year now, she had been producing her own music which was honestly a pleasant surprise. Because with our first listen on the song above that she shared, a demo titled “Move“, we immediately noticed that her sound is of high-quality.

A groovy track with a chill vibe and interesting elements, the song itself is pretty catchy. Moreover, the message is really pretty motivational. However, what really caught our attention from the start is the singer’s voice. With smooth and sultry vocals, it’s undeniable that Majo Elli is a promising artist with amazing talents.

Looking forward to more of her music!

Akong Ayalam – Isang Buong Araw Kasama Ka

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Jose Delos Reyes is a Filipino singer-songwriter who goes under the artist name Akong Ayalam. Born in Manila and now residing in Baler, Aurora, he is surely an artist that piqued our interests. Moreover, upon listening to single “Isang Buong Araw Kasama Ka“, we were immediately hooked.

Released last December 2019, Akong Ayalam’s track talks about spending precious time with a significant other. Discussing mundane things like preparing breakfast and going out together, it depicts how an individual could love another without any boundaries. It is really romantic and refreshing, but the best part of it is honestly that we get to imagine ourselves in the situations described.

Moreover, the chorus is just really beautiful that we want to cry. Read the lyrics below.

Ito ang dalangin ko
Ang mabuhay kasama mo
Walang yaman ang makakatapat
Sa ligayang dulot mo sa puso ko

Damn, now we could say that even at first listen, we’re already really in love with Akong Ayalam’s music!

Antipara – Ba’t ‘Di Ayusin Ang Mundo

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Antipara is a feel-good alternative rock band hailing from the South of the Metro whose melodramatic songwriting fuses with contemporary music arrangement which will surely give you a kick to your thoughts and emotions. They are formed with 4 members, namely: Jeff Sumatra (vocals/guitar), Jake Sumatra (bass), Mike Cabrera (drums) and RA Lumague (guitar).

Notably, for the members of Antipara, music is an influential tool. And so, it is greatly noticeable that their songs are both catchy and thought-provoking. Their latest single “Ba’t ‘Di Ayusin Ang Mundo” is a wonderful example of that as it talks about the struggles of Filipinos and humanity in general.

Sa pag-ibig talo ka
Pinagpalit ka sa iba
Isipin mo na lang na swerte ka

Maraming nagugutom
Walang kasalanan ngunit nakakulong
Ba’t lagi na lang tayong nagkakagulo?
Ba’t ‘di ayusin ang mundo?

Hearing that their song is happy and upbeat, it is wonderful that the band uses that catchy sound to send an important message to their listeners. Kudos, Antipara!

Alex Bruce – Go Crazy

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Alex Bruce is back with yet another banger as she releases “Go Crazy“. A product of a collaboration with Filipino-Canadian songwriter and producer August Rigo who is the other half of the songwriting duo behind BTS’s “Black Swan, Alex Bruce’s second single is a catchy track about her musical journey and struggles that she had to overcome. 

“The song is all about me dreaming big,” the young 13 year-old Batangas-based rapper reveals in a statement. “It’s also about my vision of how the world will interact with me and my music. Literally, it’s about pushing through my blueprint and perspectives, no matter how hard it is.”

With that, our favorite part may be her Tagalog rap in the song. Check out the lyrics below.

Kung ang tanging layunin mo’y magtagumpay sa pagsikat ng araw
Kung naniniwala kang walang imposible pwede kang mangibabaw
Pero paano ba natin gagawin ang lahat ng malinaw?
Kung napakadami na nilang bituin na sa ati’y tuluyang sumilaw

A wonderful bop that is also motivational? The young talent surely knows what’s going on.

Sugarcane – Gabi

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Sugarcane is a rising band from Marikina City. Fortunately, we have already previously heard of them through their single “Bituin” which is a realistic song about distasteful separations.

They are formed with 6 members namely, Carl Guerzon (vocals/bass), Cedric Angeles (vocals/rhythm), Steven Go (lead guitar/keyboard), Russel Barrameda (rhythm/lead Guitar), AJ Pabico (bassist) and Froilan Bautista (percussion). And recently, they have recently shared with us their latest song titled “Gabi“.

At first listen, their new single is one that is really sweet. Initially, we also even thought that it could even be used to serenade a special someone. However as the song went on, we realized that it was actually bittersweet… and it hurt us. The ending lyrics below explain it all.

Huling tingin nalang sa’yong mga mata,
Ang inaasahang magpapasaya.
Ako’y tawagin, sana’y lumapit ka sa’kin,
Hindi ko ipipilit sa iyo…

Sakit, ‘di ba?

Bryant – Malaya Ako

Bryant Nichole Dagdag is a fast-rising R&B singer-songwriter hailing from Angeles City, Pampanga. And for further familiarity, he is the brother of TV personality and recording artist Sassa Dagdag. Under DNA Music, he has released a new single titled “Malaya Ako” which was written for iWant series “Hush”.

An OST for a sensual anthology series featuring taboo stories about romance, “Malaya Ako” is a rather hot, silky orchestral-themed new age trap R&B track. Moreover, the lyrics of the song itself depict intense situations of physical intimacy, and with the smooth voice of Bryant, we can just undeniably feel the heat ourselves.

Hot damn. 

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