The time has come for another OPM DISC! Today, we will be listening to Alex Corner, MKNLYa, Blaine Nasser, RJ Manulid, Turn Me On Holly and Inah Dig. 

Without a doubt, the OPM industry is flourishing with new sounds. Of course, with the ever-evolving nature of music, we are also blessed to know more artists and know the different ways with which they express themselves. So today, we are going to be listening to 6 musicians and their singles through this OPM DISC article. They are Alex Corner, MKNLYa, Blaine Nasser, RJ Manulid, Turn Me On Holly and Inah Dig.

We hope you would enjoy discovering new music as much as we do!

‘Bente Na Lang’ by Alex Corner

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Somehow, Alex Corner‘s new single titled “Bente Na Lang” reminds us of the ol’ classic OPM songs that you could sing along to during jamming sessions. The lyrics are so playful too, as it talks about the usual financial problems encountered by young adults. Singing “bente na lang natira sa ipon mo” (“only 20 pesos is left from your savings”), it also gives the listeners a low-key sermon about being frugal with our own money.

Yes, friends and outings can wait but money will eventually run out. That is why you should learn to manage your finances properly, folks!

‘Sana Sinabi Mo’ by MKNLYa

In case you are not familiar with them yet, MKNLYa is a band from Imus, Cavite. Sharing their latest single titled “Sana Sinabi Mo“, their song discusses a relationship on the verge of ending. As from what we can decipher from the music video, the track specifically talks about that time frame when someone is not already sure what is happening–if the end is already here or if there is still a chance.

With Alyboy Saquilayan on lead vocals and guitar, Lee Saquilayan on rhythm guitar and vocals, Mac Luna on lead guitar, JM Malavega on keyboard and vocals, Aron Regatcho on the bass guitar and Reyan Daño on drums, MKNLYa surely is a band that we can lean on with their beautiful yet realistic songs.

‘Sa ‘Ting Dalawa’ by Blaine Nasser

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With fire beats and his chocolate-y voice, Blaine Nasser‘s music is surely one that you could depend on when you want to chill. After his “Let Me Love You Down” single which definitely brought us a bunch of fresh sounds, he is finally back with another wonderful track.

Released just recently, his brand new song is titled “Sa ‘Ting Dalawa” which talks about the exclusive connection between two people. As the track also explains, even though there are challenges or people who may block the way, nothing would be able to stop the love shared as long as the two are in it together.

This song is pretty groovy and we definitely like it.

‘Gossip’ by Turn Me On Holly

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Following the success of their debut EP “Beach Episodes“, Turn Me On Holly welcomes the new year with their first single titled “Gossip“. But in case you are not familiar with them yet, they are a 5-piece independent pop rock band formed in 2017 with members Aaron Silvestre (Vocals, Guitar), Meynard Landrito (Drums), Gino Tambuatco (Lead Guitar, Vocals), Jerome Ulob (Synth) and Ian San Jose (Bass)

According to their lead vocalist Aaron Silvestre, “Gossip” is about “acknowledging any toxic relationships you’ve had in the past, moving forward and letting go. We think it’s very timely for the new year!” Moreover he explains that “the song is basically about accepting the fact that you need help because it’s the first step towards repair.”

With our first listen on Turn Me On Holly, we immediately liked the vibe of their music. Especially because in “Gossip”, a lot of different musical elements kept us interested all throughout.

Definitely looking forward to more from this band!

‘Dear You’ by RJ Manulid

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After his 2018 debut album titled “Reassurance“, singer-songwriter and producer RJ Manulid is back with a new song. Dropping “Dear You” on Valentine’s Day, it is a track celebrating the simple, easy kind of love which keeps
you safe through life’s storms.

With a lo-fi pop sound and sincere rap-singing, it is a heartfelt song that you should absolutely listen to. Moreover, we love how the lyrics are just light on our hearts. As our favorite part says, “our love is a gentle breeze; you are my shelter.” With that somehow, we just caught ourselves smiling while listening.

‘Adore You’ by Inah Dig

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For a debut single, “Adore You” by Inah Dig is pretty good. From the immediate start, we loved the singer’s voice, with all its softness and cool tone. Considering this track is the singer-songwriters very first song out there too, we are really impressed with how good the quality of the recording is.

Released just last January 17, “Adore You” definitely shows Inah Dig’s promising talent, as the track itself ventures into sounds that are interesting and at the same time, comforting. We also love how the lyrics discuss a love that is unsure yet true because to be honest, we have all gone through that undeniable situation, one way or another.

Definitely, we are excited to hear more from the artist!

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