Today, we are bringing you another article wherein we listen to some OPM artists and their releases.

OPM is not dead and it will never will. In fact, it is constantly being fed with a lot of really good releases from great artists, both established and new. So for today, we are again listening to more Filipino artists and musicians sharing the products of their passion and dedication. This is another OPM DISC article, y’all!

So without further ado, we are going to be watching a newly-released music video and listening to 3 songs that we haven’t heard before.

‘Bakit’ MV by FOX Music PH

We have listened to ‘Bakit’ by FOX Music PH before, and we really liked it! You can read that article by clicking here. Last October 30, the music video for this hurtful songs was released. Let’s watch it below!

Honestly, the music video effectively narrated the message of the song. Moreover, it was able to show us glimpses of the timeline of some relationships — from the happy start, to when things become rocky, up until when their hearts become broken. As we saw in the video, the things that happened were actually inspired by true events. So literally, we were watching another person’s story about love.

Love is a really complicated thing, isn’t it? It’s beautiful though how so many songs still talk about it because of the wonderful intricacies that it bring. Plus, sad songs are a good way for musicians to share their feelings.

MNR MJRTY – Working Class Dilemma

Honestly, when we read the song title ‘Working Class Dilemma’ by this band called MNR MJRTY, we really thought: LOL SAME. Even without listening to the track yet, we were immediately hooked with it.

Moreover, upon checking more about the band, we saw that their other song was titled ‘I Went to College’. And to be frank, we were LIVING for it!

First listen: This song just really speaks the truth that the working class go through on a daily basis. And to be frank, we really liked it! Their sound was also nice to listen to, and we were able to feel the emotions that they were trying to convey.

Looking forward to more of their releases!

46 hope st. – Malapit Ka Na

First listen: Within the first few seconds of the song, we already loved it. No lies here, my dudes. There was just something about the intro that got to us. Then when the vocalist started to sing, ayun na. For some reason, their sound reminded us of ol’ Sugarfree.

The song got us a little bit emotional because of its heartfelt spiritual message, but we don’t have any complaints! This is really good OPM and thank you to the band for reaching out to U Do U!

AMGD – Late Bloomer

AMGD is a band that is honestly new to us. So we are very thankful that they reached to us on our social media account to introduce themselves. Because if they haven’t, it would really be a waste… because their music is freaking amazing!

Listen to one of their songs titled ‘Late Bloomer’ below.

First listen: When we started listening to the song, we were immediately reminded of the Canadian indie rock band, FUR, and Australian alternative band, Good Morning. AMGD’s sound shares some similarities with the mentioned groups.

Moreover, we really liked the message of the song, talking about continuous personal growth. In a way, it made us feel good. Through its catchy chorus saying, “bloom, baby, bloom”, our spirits were actually lifted up. And not to be too corny but it made us smile.

You can click here to listen to their other songs from their album, also called ‘Late Bloomer’. 

What do you think about these songs featured in this OPM DISC article? Which of these is your favorite? Let us know your answers by sharing them through the comments below! Or just simply hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter account, @udouph.