Here at U Do U, we are always craving for new music to listen to.

Be honest, will you ever get tired of listening to awesome or beautiful music? Your answer is no, right? Because the same goes for us. So with another OPM DISC article for today, discover 5 new singles with us and read on to know more about what we think of them!

Skyforce – My Sun, My Moon and My Stars

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First listen: Wow, ‘My Sun, My Moon and My Stars’ is a really emotional song. We especially love the lyrics of it which are really touching. Somehow, we can imagine crying to this song in the middle of the night. However, there are a few things that still could be improved with the track with regards to the instruments.

Kudos to Jestin Robert Yao though, the solo artist behind this song! Hoping to hear more music soon!

Wordsworth – Filbert’s Game

We don’t know if you’re aware, but we have featured Wordsworth before on our Weekly Top 5 OPM Artists. They are a four-piece alternative band hailing from Quezon Province. Moreover, we were able to listen to their song ‘Ruins’ which was a cool, intense rock song.

At the end of last month, they have released a new single titled ‘Filbert’s Game’ which you can listen to below.

First listen: To be honest, Filbert’s Game didn’t hit us the way that their other songs did. The guitars also sound really faint and the drums are overpowering, something which could be further improved. However, the redeeming factor of this song would be the nice, powerful vocals of the singer. Plus, the chorus is really catchy.

We weren’t aware of it though but we caught ourselves singing this song by the end of the day. We are looking forward to more releases from Wordsworth!

Lem David – Starship

Upon looking at his official Facebook page, we learned that Lem David is a singer-songwriter/guitarist who was also the former frontman of the three-piece band Lem’s Guitar. Currently though, he is a solo artist who usually plays acoustic performances and busks in public.
Listen to his song titled ‘Starship’ by simply clicking the Spotify play button below.

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First listen: We don’t know why but when the song started playing, we literally smiled. There was something about the intro that gave us a positive vibe and lifted our spirits. Perhaps, it was the ‘starship’ sound at the beginning which made us imagine travelling in outer space? Maybe.
This song reminds us of old OPM songs, which makes us feel a little bit nostalgic. Moreover, the message of the singer was really sweet. Saying “Sasamahan kita” (I will come with you) makes us really feel safe with the thought of it. So to answer his question if it’s okay that he’ll come with us, our response is yes, it is super okay!

Drivenlines – Time In Control

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First listen: Honestly, we were shocked with this song. At first, we thought it would sound a bit generic, especially when the intro started. But heck, when the vocalist started singing, we were literally taken aback. His voice was just so nice to listen to and because of it, we can’t help but repeat the song over and over again. It was just music to our ears.

Moreover, we kid you not when we say that by our third listen, we were already singing along to the song. Even though the only lyrics we knew was “hold me”. This song is so good and we are looking forward to new music from Drivenlines!

2004 – Wanting Somebody

Do you ever get that feeling of satisfaction when you discover music that is totally wonderful and in line with your tastes? That is what I felt when I listened to ‘Wanting Somebody’ by 2004.

Listen to it too by simply clicking the play button below.

2004 is a band that is completely new to me – which is amazing. They are an alternative rock / indie band from Cavite that was formed in 2018. Their band consists of Kyle David (vocals), Mark Neil Lamac (lead guitar), Franz Espiño (rhythm guitar & backing vocals), Kurt Patrick Hadloc (bass guitar), and Neil Bryan Bogayan (drums & backing vocals).

The song above, ‘Wanting Somebody’, is actually the second single of the band. Their first one is titled ‘Dim The Lights’ and it is hella smooth too.

First listen: Just from the start, I already loved the song. The introduction was funky and it immediately captured my attention. Even before the first verse came on, I was already feeling it. So imagine when the vocalist started singing, I was just grooving to the song like a complete freak.

The guitar hook was also really catchy especially when it comes with the smooth beat of the bass and the drums. Plus that guitar solo! And is it just me or the vocalist kinda sounds like Franz Ferdinand? The song is so good!

We are really pleased with everything that we have listened to today. Moreover, we hope the best for the artists featured above. As you enter the music industry, we wish you nothing but success in fulfilling your passion!

Which one of the songs above did you like? Let us know your answer by simply sharing them through the comments below! Or just hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter account, @udouph.