Another week means another set of discovering new releases on our OPM Disc!

Feeling a little adventurous? Today, we’re taking you on a detour from the mainstream and exploring the terrain of the “indieground” here in our own backyard for some new OPM artists we have yet to behold this March 2021.

Come join us on a joyride, cruisin’ to the beats, and jammin’ to the tunes of these OPM reppin’ breakthrough artists.



tome. is a quintessential indie-pop artist. His songs are characterized by an electronic backdrop overlaid with synthetic sounds and uncompromising lyrics that showcase both the artist’s depth and vulnerability. His music has the effect of leaving listeners dreaming about late-night car rides in the city with tipsy friends. Missing those good old days? Well, reminisce with this guy’s wide array of chill tracks.




Some artists have really mastered the art of taking listeners on a blissful ride far away from their deep-seated worries. MCA Music’s Sasaya is a good case in point. This six-person collective describes their music as a mixture of folk, rock, and pop. One of their most recent offerings, Panaginip, offers a soothing, dreamy experience you’ll want to immerse yourself into when the noisy world is taking its toll on you.


Angela Ken


Angela Ken was first noticed when people on TikTok found themselves loving and relating to her written song ‘Ako Naman Muna,’ a humble composition that conveys a timely message about standing up for yourself against a society that’s easy to pull you down over a single mistake. After the song’s virality carried over to other platforms, the young singer-songwriter earned a place in Star Music PH, who then turned her raw version into a full-blown track. As of writing, ‘Ako Naman Muna’ is the only song fans have heard from her, but having been given a glimpse of her impressive writing and storytelling in this little project, they definitely cannot wait for more.


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