Been waiting for another setlist of our OPM Disc? Check out these indie names and their musical offerings!

When it comes to exploring indie musicians, obviously, there are more mainstream artists continue to dominate platforms. But to tell you, independent music artists worth just as much appreciation or even more  attention.

In line with that, uDOu prepared a handy-list of indie names that you should be listening right now! Along with us, let’s stream and get to know these artists below!

The Wallblossoms

Get your dose of vibrant Britpop yet 60’s rock tunes from The Wallblossoms! From serving us their debut single ‘Lizzy’, this band is offering us another track that you might listen whenever you’re missing someone special!

‘Miss na Miss’ gives us a somber take of nostalgic classical rock elements etched with their romantic lyricism. More so, their sophomore track is also released another O/C records who’s currently searching for their next Odd Creature! You can see the full details below!

In case you don’t know yet, The Wallblossoms is hailed from Bulacan and comprised with Bri Constantino on vocals, Janssen Lopez on bass, Rafael Lanozo on guitars, and Jao Serrano on drums. If you’re getting excited for whatever they have in store next, you can follow them on their social media accounts and stay tuned for more updates!

For now, let’s continue to support them by streaming their latest release, ‘Miss na Miss‘ or better send this track to someone you really miss right now! *Winks


Keanna Magracia

One of the gems we found is an indie darling who usually covered songs on Youtube but unknowingly, she has also tat prowess in songwriting as well! That being said, you should definitely check her tracks right now and immerse yourself with her heartwarming verses.

Sprinkled with sweet melodies, Keanna Magracia‘s single will definitely make you ‘LSS’ with her soulful voice. With her track, ‘Sit and Listen‘ is one of the comforting songs we can listen whenever we are yearning to someone for us to listen and escape the chaos we have in our minds.

Digging a little more, this indie darling basically patterned verses about love or her sentiments but mostly, her songs convey about other people’s stories. According to her, she started writing songs at age of 14 and eventually honed it every time she wants to express her emotions and thoughts— more likely a coping mechanism. If you are curious about her music, you can listen to her live as she perform for an Online Benefit Gig under Untitled Productions.

Through this you can support her craft and their beneficiary with the said online event. More so, you can also follow Keanna Magracia on her social media accounts for more updates!



Looking for another head-boppy songs? Well, here’s ‘Thoughts and Answers‘ from Aziatik that conveys about our questions in our daily lives. Simply put, this track is like a vessel that yearns for the answers we want to know from above.

From his previous tracks that he shared to us, we have given a taste regarding with a collaboration that flaunts about the struggling couples. Now, you can definitely say this new track is duet track that somehow give us some relatable verses matched with sharp bars.

In case you didn’t know, some reoccuring themes within Aziatik’s songs are daily reflections, teen angst and relationship stories etched with hip-hop beats. To tell you, he will release another track in just a matter of time! So, stay tuned fore updates! For now, you can stream his track in different digital platforms and also on Spotify too!

Which of these indie release is your favorite track?

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