Here’s another set of music from OPM Disc! Come with us as we listen and get to know these artists and their tracks!

We know everyone’s either bombarded with schoolwork or work stuff these past months and the perfect company during these stressful times is definitely music. To add on to your playlist, here are some music we’re sure will help take away that stress you’re feeling!

Know that it is our delight to present to you another set of OPM releases for this week! Along with us, let’s listen to The Bernadettes, RJ Manulid, Five-fifty Myth and EDGE!

The Bernadettes


It’s been over 10 years since their breakout single ‘Let’s Make Babies’ but The Bernadettes is set to make waves in the OPM scene with their come-back track ‘Worthless Beautiful’.

If you’re missing those times when you could go out with friends and just drink the night away, The Bernadettes’ ‘Worthless Beautiful’, is the perfect song to listen to! Accompanied by the wrenching sound of the guitar and the fresh vocals of lead vocalist Paolo Angeles, the lyrics depict what seems like long way gone; drinking and partying all night long, and doing all the things here and there with your friends.

“Worthless Beautiful deals with freedom in doing the things you want, the way you want it; no matter how wrong it might feel. The result may be worthless, but there is beauty in its pursuit.”

‘Worthless Beautiful’ is the first of four songs the band has finished recording with producer Dok Sergio. If haven’t heard any of their songs yet, better to give ‘Worthless Beautiful’ a listen below!


RJ Manulid


Hailing from Davao City, the singer-songwriter and producer, RJ Manulid is back with his new single ‘Sleeveheart’. Unlike his past songs like Impostor and The Forgotten, RJ Manulid is being more blunt and uplifting with ‘Sleeveheart’.

“Sleeveheart is for anyone struggling to be true to themselves. We often suppress our emotions until they reach a breaking point. If you’re near or past your breaking point, I hope Sleeveheart helps you find peace through self-expression.”- RJ Manulid

A song dedicated to anyone who’s struggling to be true to themselves, with its hip hop rap style, ‘Sleeveheart’ will make you feel like it is okay to express who you really are and when you do peace will come next.


Surely, he continues to grow as his own artist, true to himself and what he believes in. Plus, aside from tunes that underpin head-boppy beats, his new track flaunts sharp verses as well! Go and check out some of his songs on Spotify below!

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A well-known personality in the music sharing platform Soundcloud with 1.7 million streams worldwide, EDGE is not afraid to go over the edge for his dreams. From being a part of the band Benj and the Collective he co-founded with comedian and theater actor, Benj Manalo, EDGE is back as a solo artist under Star Music.

Veering away from where he is known for which are cover songs and being a part of a group, EDGE is starting to build a name for himself with this debut single. With Di Nagpaalam’s mellow sound and lyrics, it will surely make you feel like longing for the person you love, #senti!

Relate much? Well, you better give ‘Di nagpaalam’ a listen below!

Five Fifty Myth


Melbourne-based band, Five Fifty Myth, gives us all the hugot feels with their new single ‘Andito Lang Ako’ which is released under Blacksheep Records.

Comprised with Warren Ribates, Frederick Ursua, Charles Michael Bagundol, Denn Gerrel Manaloto, and Darrel John Roberto, the five-piece band is influenced by a legendary Filipino rock bands Eraserheads (who they have fronted for in Melbourne) and Rivermaya, as well as acts such as juan karlos, Stephen Speaks and Michael Dutchi Libranda, whom they have all covered on their YouTube channel as part of a quarantine live stream series. 

That being said, we can totally say that Five Fifty Myth are among the few bands that embody true to heart Filipino style of hugot ballad.

With the subtle strums of the guitar and the calm vocals from the start, followed by the beats of the drums, ‘Andito Lang Ako’ will definitely make you feel the dire emotions of a person longing for someone to see him the way he sees the latter.


Which is your favorite track from these new releases?

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