It’s time to discover OPM jams again! From bedroom-produced artists to up-and-coming reality music artists!

There might be some hindrances while we’re all practicing social-distancing but to tell you, our local artists are doing awesome things like serving us again a new set of fresh releases! In line with that, we  want to present you three music artist who just made a splash in digital platforms this month.

Listen along with us and discover these gems you might love and share to others!

Project Moonman

Last time, we introduce to y’all, Project Moonman ‘s first track ‘The Great Alone’ which was released under O/C Records. Now, we can definitely listen to him again with his upbeat new track called ‘Streetlights‘!

Kicked-off with his cool and goofy introduction, this track spins a funky side of Mark Thompson. If you’re excited for its tune, you can totally check it below!

To give you a little refresher, Project Moonman is the solo project of DJ and producer Mark Thompson who just keep on slating his tracks in different digital platforms. To tell you, even while we are in the middle of quarantine, he continually serving us darn good music!

Aside from his electronic effects which was infused attractively, the artist matches his tracks with great song cover art as well.

Moreover, we can absolutely expect more tracks with mix of cinematic textures, electronic sounds and raw vocals from Project Moonman! We may be clueless for now but we cannot wait for what he has in store for us! Don’t forget to tune in for more updates and stream now his newest single on Spotify!


Inside City

Giving us the taste of Pop-Rock Alternative music, Inside City’s new track is your go-to song whenever you’re thinking that special someone you love. This is the first track laid by the band hailed from Cagayan de Oro city. More so, Inside City weaved these catchy melodies with romantic lyricism or should I say, a “hugot” song in a narrative form.

In case you haven’t heard their latest track, check it now below!

Moreover, the said track of the band was released under OPM Music Groupan independent record label based in Quezon City, Philippines. Comprised with  Clyde AquinoMark Chester CrisostomoAllan SatoreKRis Peñero  and Jay Mark Crisostomo, we are beyond excited for the band’s upcoming projects and features here in ou OPM Disc. 

If you want to know more about Inside City, you can totally check them on their social media accounts. Plus, don’t forget to support them by streaming their track on Spotify too!


Hailed from Bulacan, LUNARLIGHTS basically just served us a great track with a dash of cheesy lines that can make all of us definitely ‘LSS’ with it. Diving a little more with their track, ‘TYT’ flaunts taking chances in waiting for the right time for a certain relationship be healed. Like we don’t know know what the future holds, but if you let time to heal what has been hurt—probably you can hope for what’s best.

If you’re wondering about their music, feel free to check their single ‘TYT‘ below!

Moreover, the band is currently signed under Tower of Doom Music. Fueled by their passion to create music that everyone can relate to, we cannot wait for more of their releases So, let’s stay tuned on their social media accounts for more updates!

Also, you can also stream their newly-released track on Spotify!

Which of these indie releases from our OPM Disc is your favorite track ?

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