Another week, another list of new tracks from OPM Disc! Join us once again as we get to know these artists and their music!

Sprinkled with a spice of different genres, we are serving you this week a collection of new releases from our OPM artists. In line with that, we have a few wonderful discoveries to add to your playlist this week!

Serving us with new music is Parasouls, Hey Moonshine, Eloixa, and August Wahh! Join us as we listen to their new tracks!



Filipino indie pop trio, Parasouls is composed of Dani Dimaano (guitar and vocalist), Joshua Gaces (bassist), and Igoy Dimaano (drums), introduces their music with debut single ‘Can We, Can We’ with Lilystar Records.

A swift but attractive alternative rock track that brings to mind the likes of The Cranberries and Frankie Cosmos, Parasouls ‘Can We, Can We’ which talks about the desperation for romantic yearning, is the first ever song written by Dani Dimaano.

“This is a funny story: Can We, Can We is actually the first song I’ve ever written back when I was seventeen. I wrote about one of my favorite TV shows, Doctor Who. This song, in particular, is an ode to Rose Tyler and The Doctor in the TARDIS,” Dani says.

Dimaano also shared that the song was originally recorded in acoustic form, and was written way back in highschool together with Joshua Gaces.

“We tweaked the rhythm a little bit so it would fit the band setting better.”

Apart from being written in tribute to a fictional character, ‘Can We, Can We’, with the subtle strums of the guitar and the raw vocals, is a combination of the band’s music influences with a touch of more playful yet simplistic arrangement and anthemic tempo. This track sets the tone for Parasouls upcoming releases, where the music is written and crafted with the right blend of inherent rawness, melodic genius, and pop sensibility.

Stream ‘Can We, Can We’ below!


With another single to be released before the end of 2020 and a new album on the works, ‘Can We, Can We’ is definitely just the start of something great for Parasouls!

Hey Moonshine


Hey Moonshine is a rock and roll band that has been present in the indie music scene for a few years now, signed under Viva Records.

The band is composed of professionals by day, rockers by night namely, full -time chef Gian Sison (lead vocals), journalist Athena Sayaman (guitars and backing vocals), doctor Angela Rivera (backup vocals), engineers Bryan Gatmaitan and Aris Sison (guitars), lawyer Carlo Ybanez (bass player), graphic artist Ton Gregorio (guitars), and teacher Shaun Hilario (drums).

From the release of their single ‘We’ll Break this War’ last 2019, Hey Moonshine releases their 6th song this year, ‘Mercy’.

Check it out below!


With all the things brought about by this pandemic, depression had become a major concern. Some have felt struggles of being thrown out of their routine, losing their source of income, being ill, or worse, losing a loved one. This is the reason why Hey Moonshine wrote their new track ‘Mercy’.

‘Mercy’ talks about the moments that we’re talking to our inner demons. Definitely, with the powerful crunchy guitar riff and a crisp bassline tone, it is one of Hey Moonshine’s heaviest tracks. It begins with a melancholic vocal line that paves the way for the dark feeling of the song. Although the verse gives off an angry vibe, the deep and dark atmosphere lingers throughout the song, particularly through the guitar solo.

Stream Hey Moonshine’s songs here:




Eloixa, also called as Lofi Princess, is a Filipino singer-songwriter gifted with her creative writing skills and musical talents. She belongs to Astral Mind Music which is a group of diversified artists, together with Owen Greyson, Vhi, and Alexcenah, with the passion and drive who want to tell their stories using music and visuals.

With her new single ‘Popo’, which talks about losing a special person in your life and wishing for one last moment with them. That one last time to hold their hand, to feel their hug, and to feel their gentle kiss.

‘Popo’ with its lofi beats and Eloixa’s vocal prowess, will definitely make you feel the pain and sorrow of having to deal with loss and longing.

Check it out below!

August Wahh


August Wahh, an R&B Neo-Soul singer, debuted in 2007 and has since become a force on the music scene ever since she moved to Manila from General Santos City.

From sharing the stage with Fred Wesley, Taylor McFerrin, and opening for Daniel Caeser, RAC, and Erykah Badu, August Wahh has certainly reached her dream of collaborationg with a variety of musicians from around the globe.

From the release of her first full EP ‘Labyrinth’ last 2019 and her digital diary ‘Tapes From Vivid’, she’s back with a new single, ‘Hue’.

‘Hue’ comes as a whirlwind of emotions from self-fullfilment and complementary love that eventually attracts. With its melodies rising and falling, like an inhalations followed by an exhalation, this track will make you feel the excitement that comes with making way for others, and welcoming others for who they are while listening to it.

Check it out here!


Now, August will not just give us one track this year because ‘Hue’ is just one out of the 3-track EP she will be releasing SOON! You gotta stay tuned because it will feature exciting collaborations! For now, get a taste of Vivid with this single!

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