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Get to know Migz Haleco, The Gentle Isolation, and M-Soul Pirates and their music! 

Migz Haleco

Migz Haleco

With a guitar playing that is strongly inspired by artists such as John Mayer and Eric Clapton, Migz Haleco is a singer-songwriter recognized for his Pop Alternative vocal style.

Migz came into the scene way back in 2010 when he entered the talent search program, Talentadong Pinoy, and was hailed as one of the semi-finalists. After this, he was launched as part of the duo, Migz and Maya, where they were known for their cover of “Ambon,” the official soundtrack of the hit film, “How To Be Yours”.

From being a part of a duo, Migz went on with his solo career with the release of his debut album “THIS” in 2018. He also became part of the largest singing competition in the Philippines that same year where he performed the song “Bes” composed and arranged by Eric De Leon.

After releasing his comeback single “LIWANAG” after a year-long break, Migz Haleco is back again with a new track, “Walang Hanggan” to be released on October 16

“Walang Hanggan” showcases Migz’s vocal prowess accompanied by the subtle strums of the guitar. Also, the song talks about spending time and doing things with someone you love which will surely make you feel like dancing with your special someone while listening to it!


The Gentle Isolation


Indie pop outfit, The Gentle Isolation revisits the eternal appeal of their music favorites on their latest single under Lilystar Records, “Sound Wave”. Hailed from Bulacan, the four-piece band-is composed of Ness Urian (vocals and acoustic guitar), Monch Cristobal (bass, guitars, synths), Bach Rudica (drums) as core members, and Rommel Vivar (live guitar player), Law Santiago (live bass player) as session players.

They released their critically acclaimed first EP “It Started With An April Shower” in 2010 showcasing bright blend of jangly guitars, established instrumental hooks, and addictive pop melodies. Now back with their newest effervescent twee-pop anthem offering “Sound Wave” which was written in 2014, The Gentle Isolation pays homage to the obscure pop icons that inspired them to make music.

“Our latest track is an ode to the music that we held dear like one of our close friends: they come and go because of the inevitable proliferation of trends, but they’ll remain special in our hearts,” guitarist and vocalist Monch Cristobal says.

In writing and producing “Sound Wave”, the band cites New Order, The Stone Roses, Trembling Blue Stars, and Belle & Sebastian as their inspiration, owing to their lushly ornate sound and irresistible pop smarts to the cult favorites that defined their taste as musicians.

“The intro was inspired by early New Order with minimal drums and melodic basslines setting the tone for something of delicate poise. I added synth elements to help shape the sound, while Ness shows up in the chorus with her distinct singing style adding a tinge of sunshine to the mix. To top it off, we incorporated string parts instead of a guitar solo. It is always my style to put the best part on the finale,” Cristobal added.

What are you waiting for? Stream “Sound Wave” now and be ready to sway it out with the beat of the drums and the strums of the guitars! You’ll definitely feel like dancing with the sound!


M-Soul Pirates

M-Soul Pirates is a Philippines-based alternative rock band formed by French singer-songwriter Julien Ferrandon way back in 2013. What’s more, they are a self-produced French Filipino band originally from Mindanao who slating indie scene for seven years.

The band released their first album “Hindi Sigurado” in 2018 which included four tracks namely “Hindi Sigurado”, “Taking Over”, “Missing”, and “Sickness”.

Now with a collaboration with Saicy, M-Soul Pirates’ “Hindi Sigurado” tells the story of a person doubting his actions and efforts for the person he loves and struggling with finding where he went wrong. Despite the intense sound of the drums and the electric guitar, this song will surely make you feel the frustration and sorrow of not knowing what you did wrong when everything feel perfectly fine.

You can definitely give them listen below!


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