As we celebrate Independence Day in our country today, let’s listen to these Independent artists with their bolder newly-released tracks !

Truth to be told, our local indie artists are making more great songs than ever! So, to continually support them for their independence in keeping the spirit of music alive, we are serving these 4 tracks that you should give a listen, right now.

Let’s all listen to Martin Riggs, Carousel Casualties, Munimuni, and 9 Scoops of Vanilla!

Martin Riggs

Photo by: Cedric Manuel

Known as the famed busker on the streets of P. Noval in Manila, Martin Riggs offered another profound track that you should be listening right now. His newly dropped single, ‘Damaso‘ somehow slammed the doors by his easy-going bars yet delivering scathing critiques. To coin, it’s more like spitting fire with those patterned verses but in his calmest way.

Kicked-off with his soulful voice and personal short note, we can say that this single is such an eye opener for everyone who is wearing their own saddening facades. In you case you haven’t heard it yet, better to check it now below!


Martin Riggs is one of the rising artists under O/C records who usually sings about social and political issues. He also uses his platform to support buskers in the Philippines and eventually spearheaded The Busking Community PH.

You can listen to Damaso on different digital platforms and yes, don’t forget to stream it also on Spotify!


Carousel Casualties

Indie pop-rock quintet, Carousel Casualites just released their new single today as an installment for their forthcoming mini-album this July. Yes, you’ve heard it right! They will release an album after 2017’s Madison and to tell you, the said first track ‘Mabuhay ka‘ embarks their first Tagalog single.

According to them, this one objectively flaunts our dilemmas that’s being felt by a lot of Filipinos these days. If you looking for a serendipitous Independence Day release, give it a listen below!


In case you don’t know them yet, Carousel Casualties is an alternative rock quintet from Manila formed in late 2016. Comprised with Emmanuel Villegas, Pauline Villanueva , Jot Nicanor , Ryan Pineda and Earl Garcia, this band offers a sound of a mash-up of new wave, soul, alternative rock and blues to name a few.  What’s more, they have already released six stand-alone singles under Warner Music Philippines since their debut EP. They are set to release their six-track mini-album this July 4, 2020.


Looking for a delightful track that conveys about freeing one’s special feelings for someone? Dive into the latest track of Munimuni that served us poetic verses, ‘Talinghaga‘. On top of that, we can honestly say that this one is definitely a perfect jam during this rainy days!

You can listen to ‘Talinghaga‘ on their Youtube account and if you want to support the band continually, be one of their Patrons now! What’s more, know that they will give away Munimuni Kulayan Natin CD album copies to fifteen lucky patrons when they’ve reached 500 patrons.


Munimuni is an indie-folk band who immediately made a name for themselves with their new genre, “Makata Pop”. Giving us those heartwarming tracks, this band is composed of five members namely Adj JiaoTJ de Ocampo,  John Owen Castro, Jolo Ferrer , and Josh Tumaliuan.

Along with their newly-released track, their songs written during quarantine weeks are now slating digital platforms including Spotify! Better stream now also their latest EP called ‘mga kantang isinulat mag-isa‘.

9 Scoops of Vanilla

To voice out those emotions kindred with love, here’s a brand new track from 9 Scoops Of Vanilla called ‘Tayong Dalawa‘. There may be distance during this pandemic but with this track, you can definitely send your love through this beautiful piece!


9 Scoops of Vanilla is a nine-pieced band that imbues tasty vanilla thrills and feels with their track. They are composed with Rap Banzon , EJ Narido , Jericho Bautista, Jason Mamaril Q LAbrador, Jehan Manansala , Melissa Eslava , AJ Payos,  Ley Canila, and Jonas Santos. 

Stream now their latest pop track that sprinkles head-boppy beat and will make you totally groove along!

Which of these indie releases is your favorite track?

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