Another week means another set of discovering new releases on our OPM Disc!

Feeling a little adventurous? Today, we’re taking you on a detour from the mainstream and exploring the terrain of the “indieground” here in our own backyard for some new OPM artists we have yet to behold this March 2021.

Come join us on a joyride, cruisin’ to the beats, and jammin’ to the tunes of these OPM reppin’ breakthrough artists.

Mani Kantador


Much of Mani Kontador’s charm can be attributed to how they masterfully incorporate humor in anything they do as musicians– whether it be writing a song or performing it in front of their audience. Hailing from Laguna, the three-man collective is composed of Junee Abe (Guitar/Vocals), Rafael Gerardo (Bass/Vocals) and Ralph Rapiz (Drums).

Basically, the trio prides themselves on their quirkiness, which is the governing trait of all the songs in their first and newly released EP, ‘Nakain Ng Social Media.’ But this is not to say that they’re all fun and no seriousness. Beneath their naughtiness cleverly written lyrics are some hard-hitting truths about the human condition.


AJ La Torre, Johann Regaya


There’s something about AJ La Torre’s music that adds to his charm as a young artist daring to make it big in the music scene. The rawness and simplicity of it all put the focus on the story he and his fellow indie artist, Johann Regaya, are trying to convey. Listening to their collaboration song ‘Sa Umaga’ feels like you’re having an honest conversation with your closest friends about your love struggles. And that’s an ability that some young artists have yet to master– to show vulnerability in your craft so your listereners can hear what’s truly in your soul.





He may be new to the scene, but we’re telling you: this guy is already in a different league. It’s probably a great coincidence that he has a song titled ‘Island Where No One Goes.’ His music is tantamount to a secluded paradise that has yet to be known by many, but those who have been there will tell you the same thing: it’s beautiful. It’s invigorating. It’s a breath of fresh air.

When you try to be different, you might end up joining the pack that had the same intention but ended up realizing they were all the same. But Clayson, as young as his works may be, is already a standout. One of his most recent works, Matulog Ka Na, will have you saying we need more from him and more like him.


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