Bored with your own routine playlist? Well, check these fresh songs served by our local indie artists!

It’s really impressive how our local indie bands can still produce new releases even in times like this. But to tell you, there’s nothing shocking about it because it only proves OPM’s greatness, right?

In line with that, we have listed a slew of songs from different local bands that you might give a listen and become your go-to song! After all, various ton of good music is still just staying around the corners— waiting to be heard.

The Anwind

This band who originally started last 2004 is showcasing once again their music together with their new founding members. To tell you, the band became stapled for more indie scenes in the metro and even performed in Showtime Online Universe. With their newly released track, ‘Umahon Ka’ conveys about enticing everyone to rise after being defeated somehow in life. There are words of comfort etched with the possibility that there is hope in trying to begin again.

If you’re wondering about the unusual spelling of their band, The Anwind basically invites us to relax in their alternative rock genre dominating with pop sound waves. Replacing the first letter with an A, embodies a deeper meaning for the band. More so, this five-pieced band is gearing for more their upcoming acts and who knows, maybe they will release another single soon!

Let’s tune in and wait for more updates from them, shall we?

Similar Sky

Bringing us their Synth Pop/ Rock waves, this indie band will leave us nothing but an eargasm with their new track, ‘Naghihintay’. The song somehow flaunts dreamy melodies that pertain to waiting to be loved again. Well, all great things come to those who wait, right?

In case you don’t know yet, Similar Sky recently played on a famous noontime show and continually sweeping local gigs around Metro manila. Comprised with Ion Bulawin (Vocalist),  Hana Joyner (Lead guitarist), Lyndone Valenzuela (Synths/Keys), Karl Santos (Synths/Bassist) and Matthew De Guzman (Drummer), this band is heading towards bigger stages!

For now, while waiting for new releases from them, let’s stream ‘Naghihintay’ on Spotify!

Majo Elli

With her sultry vocals and feel-good beats tracks, there’s no doubt more people will keep on waiting for her new releases! With that being said, the Indie bedroom musician from Manila finally released her EP, ‘Nowhere, Somewhere’. Feel free to check her five tracks, Move, Cigarette, To  Fall, Airplane Lights, Wherever you are and of course, the main song, Nowhere, Somewhere that carries cherry melodies and chill vibes. To be fair, Majo Elli‘s songs can make you show that slightest curve on your lips whenever you listen to them and totally be reminded of your special someone.


Perhaps, this girl is absolutely head over heels for someone that can really make her heart fluttered in secrecy. But some of here tracks, flaunts inspiring verses etched with watery guitar riffs that you will definitely love! If you’re that curious about her tracks, you can reach her social media accounts and especially, subscribe on her official Youtube account.

This promising artist deserves more appreciation with her genuine craft and it’s undeniable that she’s closer enough in reaching her goal in the OPM industry. Let’s support her by sharing her tracks and streaming her songs on Spotify!

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