Been waiting for our fresh setlist of our OPM Disc? ell, you better check out these handful list of artists and their latest song offerings!

Have you heard the amazing different sound from our OPM tracks? Well, to tell you, there are are a lot genres that you should definitely check when it comes to the new wave of OPM new releases. Oh, what’s more, we also have underrated music artists that is worth just as much appreciation or even more attention.

That being said, uDOu prepared a handy-list of OPM releases with their different genres that you should be listening right now! Along with us, let’s stream and get to know these artists below!


Looks like O/C Records found another gem and honestly, you’ll get addicted with their lo-fi genre! Music producer Lochnezz who teamed up with singer METS, released a feel-good track which is entitled Tito Tita.  

Perhaps, some of you guys can relate to this track! So, what are you waiting for? Give it a listen below!


Released under O/C Records, this track is imbues with the portrait of single people who’s entering the grinds of adulthood. At some point, it’s absolutely too familiar to most Filipinos, bombarded with never-ending questions from our relatives whose asking about if you already have one or that ‘big plan’ of marrying someone. 

The great thing is, ‘Tito Tita‘ track responded the dreading question in a straight-forward way. There are patterned verses of contentment about being single and being at peace while waiting for someone. 

With its subdued sound and chill beats along with the soft spoken performance of METS, their current release is absolutely a gem that you should be sharing to anyone! Make sure to stream ‘Tito Tita’ on different digital platforms including on Spotify too!


Can’t get enought with Popwave? Brisom is back with ith their latest single, ‘Joan‘! Aside from their synthwave influence from the ’80s, their newest track gives us a glimpse of pop rock sounds.

If you’re so curious about their, latest track, listen to it below!


Upon listening to it, you may enjoy their chill vibes but its melancholic lyricism imbues leaving a toxic relationship behind. But obviously, in every track they come up with, Brisom remains steadfast in their signature ’80s-inspired sound together with its relatable theme and this absolutely what makes the track solely Brisom.

That being said, don’t forget to immerse yourself more to their tracks! Stream them all on Spotify!



End Street’s vocalist, Symoun Durias drops his latest track ‘TADHANA’ under his solo project name dred. Far from his pop rock roots, Symoun definitely mastered now his head-boppy genre with a mix of city pop beats and slow rap bars. 

Haven’t listen any of  his tracks? Well, you can check his latest single below!


“I wrote this song during the hellish quarantine we were all in – a time that I felt so lost and so helpless. Maybe some of you would understand the song and make sense of the pain some of us are all going through,” expressed by Symoun.

Digging a little more about him, his music is inspired with  LANY and Nate Ruess where you can definitely hea a mix of mild rap that still flaunts prowess in singing and underpins storytelling. Loving his genre? Well, keep on supporting him by streaming his tracks on his Youtube Channel!

Panic Car

Exploring another solo project, here’s ‘Panic Car‘ a music project created by Aaron Tom Silverstre. With all the chaos that is happening right now and the anxiety that we’re totally trying to scrape off, he eventually directed all his frustrations into a solo music project called Panic Car.

One of his track that you should be listening right now is ‘Wake up‘ that flaunts perfect vibe during rainy days.  


“Panic, anxiety, paranoia, I’m sure we’ve felt this toxic combination of emotions over the past few months. It’s like being stuck in a vicious cycle where everyday feels the same. But maybe I’m a little bit privileged to feel that way. I can count my lucky stars that I am able to contemplate and process these emotions with a roof over my head and a bed beneath me,” Aaron shared.

If you’re looking for a song that perfectly depicts the feelings and anxieties we buried deep down, then ‘Wake Up’ is just the one for you. You can subscribe to his Youtube Channel and stream his latest track on Spotify as well. 


Grin Department

Imbues with their current sentimental track, Grin Department is back with their current release, ‘Huwag Kang Aaayaw‘. To tell you, this is a relatable track for those who are caught up  in the middle of unrequited relationships.

Wanna jam with their rock melancholic track? Give them now a listen below!

To know them better, Grin Department is an alternative punk rock band. Probably, you have heard their previous track ‘Buy One, Take Two‘. Its musical direction has evolved through simple rock, hard rock, pop, metal, Alternative Punk Rock progressive, and others.

Well ou can definitely check their tracks also on their Spotify for more songs discovery from their band! 


Now, let’s have dive into the party vibes that produced by a up and coming rave duo from the Philippines, SEDANOxSTRØ. With their electrifying live Audio/Visual performances, the duo eventually slating international circuit! Yay! To tell you, you probably hear them played at Boracay Music Festival and HYDRO MANILA. 

You can vibe with their beat for a while with their current release, ‘King Solomon‘. Check it now below!


Comprised with John, the Manila Nightlife scene’s hottest artists and Angelica, record producer dj, and a live visual artist, these two can definitely brighten your mood. If you’re so into these kind of electro-hiphop beats well, better check out their tracks on Spotify too!


Which of these OPM releases is your favorite track?

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