With a slew of great newly-releases, of course, OPM artists will never fail to serve us something fresh as well!

Good thing, there’s a lot of fresh tunes that saves us from the anxiety and give us sanity during pandemic crisis. To tell you, different digital music platforms are still being slated by fresh tracks even there’s a struggle when it comes to producing music in the recent days. 

That being said, we’ve listed again new indie tracks for this week’s OPM Disc! Listen to these bands that you haven’t given a listen yet! Who knows, you might get addicted with their offerings!


Matched with their artsy visualizer, the alternative band, Kremesoda releases another their single called ‘Architect of Dreams’. In case you don’t know about them yet, this four-piece band have been carving their names on the indie scene since 2011.  The Beatles, Eraserheads, Tame Impala and The Strokes are some of their influences.

Comprised with Toots Orosa, Lan De Lara, Duds Mitra , and Hosh Domingo, this band’s representation has been solely indie Alternative-Rock which you can really enjoy during long road trips! 

If you want to dig a little more with their tracks, stream theirs tracks on Spotify too!


The Rooftop

With their romantic tunes and lyricism, The Rooftop is slowly creating a buzz in their name through releasing their feel-good debut single, ‘Blue Skies‘. Their fresh track sets itself apart with relaxing beats and nostalgic vintage vocals. 

To note, this band is just starting to carve their own name but we can say that The Rooftop definitely flaunts their prowess when it comes to creating music. There’s nothing rarer than listening to music that truly offers the unexpected, and to purely deliver what they wanted to share in the world.

“With Blue Skies, we wanted to make a song about remembering good memories, seeing as how we feel loved every time we look at the rich blue sky above us. The song would be easier to make if we were physically working at a single time and place; but due to the pandemic, we resorted to using the nearest equipment that we are able to use to individually record audio, which in turn, added an indie bedroom vibe to it.” the band expressed.

To give them a listen, you can enjoy their track below! And yes don’t forget to follow them on their social media accounts for more updates from the band!

Simpatiko PH

Offering us their melancholic lyricism about unrequited love, Simpatiko PH just served their new single, ‘Hindi RIn Pala‘. Perhaps, a lot of people may relate to their ‘hugot’ track that follows the story of regrets in showing affection and spending time with someone that wasn’t meant for you.

Hailing from Marikina, Simpatiko PH is an alternative pop-rock band from formed last 2017. To tell you, in 2017, They joined A-Listers alongside IV of Spades, Ben & Ben, Never the Strangers, and Callalily.  Seems like the band has been building steady buzz for years and we cannot wait for they have in store for us!

For now, let’s support them with their current release, ‘Hindi Rin Pala’ which is out now in different digital platforms!


Which of these featured tracks is your favorite?

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