Today, we’re bringing you another OPM Disc article to promote our local indie artists with their fresh releases!  

Even in the midst of this pandemic, we have seen many indie artist bopping forward and continually creating their craft. Because of that, here in UdoU, we are beyond excited to present various bands or soloist for you to check out every week !

Let’s tune in with these 4 local indie artist that you might haven’t heard before! With many streaming apps available, surely you won’t have any excuse not to listen to one of these. *winks

Jana Garcia

Entitled as the ‘OPM Angel‘, Jana Garcia is one of the up-and-coming acts you probably you shouldn’t miss out! With her sultry voice that resonates deep seated emotions using matched with easily relatable lyrics, Jana Garcia just released ‘Di Biro‘. To tell you, Di Biro was produced by Join The Club frontman Biboy Renia that captures an honest take in fighting for what you believe in.

More so, Di Biro is her second single track after releasing the Pop Lo-Fi inspired single Lullabye last January. To explore more of her music, you can stream her songs on different digital platforms!

Denice Lao

After releasing her singles, Just Got Home and Araw at Buwanthis up-and-coming indie artist served us again another refresher song! Breathe will be Denice Lao‘s third track that flaunts poetic lyricism and the lovely tune of an old vintage piano.

According to her, ‘Breathe‘ is like a love letter for every people out there. It’s like a sweet note for people that we love or we longed to see— reminding them to breathe a little more and hang in there. Kicked off with the chirping sounds of the bird, this track will surely calm your hearts even in the midst of chaos.

Know that ‘Breathe’ will be available in a matter of time. So, for now let’s stream and be refreshed with her tracks on Spotify!

Marco BMG

Hailed from Bulan, Sorsogon, Marco BMG is a man named Marc Angelo Cruz.  To give you a little refresher, he first appeared in his music video for “Millionnaire” featuring PriceTagg and Tiny Montanna. He recently released ‘Aviso’ which was dedicated and honors our mothers’ unconditional love. Now, he’s ready to slate digital platforms again with this newly-released, ‘Sayo ka Bulan‘ Ft Jhansa and Produced by Zjhep.

This track kicked off with Francis Magalona‘s lyrics of ‘Mga Kababayan Ko‘ and carries Pinoy Hip-hop beats mixed with folkloric sound. This track mirrors to a certain place or society where we get accustomed to.

With an exchanges of sharp bars, you can stream this fresh rap from Marco BMG on Spotify too!


Looking for that sound of grunge music? Well, tune in now to ‘Antipara’ and their newly-released track, ‘Daan‘. Hailed from Las Piñas and Laguna, Antipara is an alternative rock band actively performing and slating different stages for almost 10 years now.

Comprised with young music artists, Robert Aldrich Lumague, Mike Cabrera and twin brothers Jeff and Jake Sumatra, this been invited to play with well-known artists and bands. Such as The Itchyworms, Tanya Markova, Join The Club and more. Fortuntely, the band had also a chance to participate in events which include their influences – Ely Buendia and Ebe Dancel. 

With their comforting song, ‘Daan‘ was etched with lyrics of hope and enticing every one that we can still find that silver lining in every road that we’ll take. You can listen to their tracks on Youtube and Spotify too!

Which of these indie release is your favorite track?

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