Before this months ends, we are going to listen to 5 artists and their fresh releases! They are End Street, Artikulo Kwatro, Alec Padua, ACGY and Highway Seven Circus.

It looks like there’s nothing could really stop our local artists from making music, right? Just like these artists that will serve us their fresh music even if the current COVID-19 situation has been driving us mad. So, check out the songs of these OPM artists which you might enjoy while staying at home all day long!

End Street

You’ve probably listened to their previous singles, “Sandali Nalang“, “No Tutorials“, “Sandcastles” and “Lonicera“. These four-piece band just dropped their newest single called, ’31’. Comprise by Symoun Durias on vocal and bass duties, Aljohn Abelido and Carlo Caballero on guitars, and Mycoh Arjona on drums, this band totally gave us a melancholic one that could make our eyes jaded.

Although rooted from Quezon Province, this band has been making their spot in the music scene in Metro Manila. We might have missed it for a while but End Street prepared ’31’ for someone who had bid them farewell: Christian Harvey Nadera– a good friend of the band who unfortunately passed away last year.

’31’ may sound upbeat but we cannot deny how the lyrics of this song can make us frown for a while.

 Artikulo Kwatro

We know that we’ve heard a lot of painful songs, but this indie rock band can make you shed some tears too! Five-piece band, Artikulo Kwatro will serve us their new release with lyrics etched with a painful yearning for someone you love. Listening to it, we love how the lyrics discuss unrequited love because to be honest, we have all gone through that undeniable situation, one way or another.

Rooted in Nueva Ecija, this indie rock band wants to inspire local artists in country by producing and continuing their passion in creating OPM music. Composed of Raphael Mallari, Rogie Navarro, Howard Garancho, Shaik Jacamile and Joffre Gayla, Artikulo Kwatro will definitely hit the local scene. If you can relate to their song, hit them up on Youtube or stream their song on Spotify!


Alex Corner

Previously filling us with nostalgia with “Bente Na Lang”, this local artist is back with his latest discovery with his craft. From writing OPM songs, Alex Corner will give us a new taste by writing songs for Kdrama.

If you’re a big fan of Kdramas, of course you’ve been addicted to their OST too. Like no matter how you tried not to cry, but their songs are just a perfect ingredient to be moved by the heart-wrenching scene. Now, try to listen to what Alex Corner tried after watching Crash Landing On You and Itaewon Class. 

We know that you have been hooked also to those Kdramas just like how Alex tried to create an alternate OST for these series. Too cute, right?

“Since we’re in quarantine, I’ve decided to keep myself busy by making songs based on the series I watched just to make myself productive. It started out with watching Crash Landing On You and after being invested with one of the love teams there, creativity sparked which led me to writing an alternate OST for the KDrama” expressed by Alex.

Aside from that, you can still stream his songs on Spotify!

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Having a diverse collective of genres such as Funk, Rock, Alternative and Jazz Fusion, A.C.G.Y. recently just drop their song called, Maskara. With a strong melodic kick of the song from the beginning, you’ll never expect that the song depicts depression and other people’s struggles that we sometimes buried in the depths of our hearts.

Spreading good vibrations rooted in melodies that somehow nostalgic to us, A.C.G.Y.’s signature sound is a haunting reminder that all of the memories we’ve shared as human beings are inevitably becoming the soundtrack for other people’s lives. A.C.G.Y. has almost launched their newest single last week on Makati but since Luzon has been lockdown, we have to wait for just a matter of time.

While waiting for the launching party of Maskara, you can stream their song on Spotify.

Highway Seven Circus

Hailing from Cebu, the six-piece indie band will be giving us their brand new song entitled, “Venus”. It would be their third single form their upcoming EP album under Pawn Records. With melodies that can take you back 60’s or more likely the hits of The Beatles, Highway Seven Circus’s fresh song is really good for road trips or even in rainy chilly nights.

Kicked off with cherry melodies and the soothing of voice of their lead vocalist, this song is more of lowkey way of confessing to someone’s special.  Comprised by Luis Ricardo Coyoca, JB Villagonzalo, Erickson Gimena, Roustan Marmito, Gian Batiller and Adonis Enriquez Jr, we cannot deny that we’re all waiting for more of their releases!

You can subscribe to Pawn Records on Youtube and listen to more of their songs!


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