Listen to Ena Mori, Gessy, Kaiyo, and Caro of WRDOZE

OPM Disc Listen to Ena Mori, Gessy, Kaiyo, and Caro of WRDOZE

Another week means another set of discovering new releases on our OPM Disc!

Feeling a little adventurous? Today, we’re taking you on a detour from the mainstream and exploring the terrain of the “indieground” here in our own backyard for some new OPM artists we have yet to behold this March 2021.

Come join us on a joyride, cruisin’ to the beats, and jammin’ to the tunes of these OPM reppin’ breakthrough artists.

Ena Mori

This Filipino-Japanese indie artist has that unique pop sound that will get you hooked to her artistry at first listen. Ena Moro started out playing piano at the young age of 6 and fell in love with playing classical music. This being said, her musicality molded in many years of experience actually reflects in the songs she releases today.


Case in point: her brand new track, TALK! TALK!, is a short-but-sweet musical ride into the artist’s musings. Playful, unique, and catchy, it’s a solid piece of evidence that Ena Mori is a pop gem in the making.


Gessy ft. Kaiyo

Missing those times when you would spend a rainy evening at a bar, chilling with a glass of margarita, and in the background was some groovy, caressing music that turned up the heat of the moment? Well, this creation by up-and-coming indie artists Gessie and Kaiyo will bring you back to those golden nights.


A fusion of early 2000’s R&B and modern aesthetic music, ‘Memory’ is the masterful consequence of when two talented souls dedicated to R&B music collide.


Caro from WRDOZE


A chill pill in the form of instrumental music, Caro from WRDOZE takes his listeners to a calming place far from the stresses of today’s reality. It’s such an amazing feat being able to express your thoughts without words– just a patchwork of melodies and beats, just like what this indie artist has done. A real gem, indeed.


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