It’s pouring of new OPM tracks recently and of course, we want to share our picks for this week!

With a lot of weird and saddening news happening in the world recently, we cannot deny how music can keep us sane during this time. Simply put, it is always a relief whenever we discover a great track from OPM artists. 

That being said, here’s our OPM Disc for this week! Listen to Ely Buendia, Cheats, Jeanette Vacalares and Alexcenah!

Ely Buendia and Cheats

OPM legend Ely Buendia and indie rock band Cheats, just released his new single ‘Plunder My Heart‘ that fits perfectly for long road trips! Kicked-off with Ely Buendia’s husky voice, their newly-released track is one of the gems that you should be listening right now. 

Aside from its great dreamy tunes, its patterned verses scream all the emotions we hid including about seeking genuine love and bravery. In case you don’t know yet, ‘Plunder My Heart’ is the second collaboration between Ely Buendia and Cheats. 

If you’re been wanting to hear of some track that will pamper your busy mind and heart, give this track a listen below! 


Jeanette Vacalares

One of the gems that we have discovered is ‘A Song For Robin‘ by an indie music artist, Jeanette Vacalares. With her inspiring lyricism and heartwarming rhythm, we cannot deny that Jeanette has a great prowess when it comes to song-writing. 

Additionally, ‘A Song For Robin’ is a track that imbues with a kind of love that you’ve ask from above. It was written with sincerity and pure love. In case you are wondering about its sound, check it now below!


Image may contain: 1 person, standing

Giving you a taste of her head-boppy sound, here’s Alexcenah‘s latest track, Stranger Again! Diving into her craft, Alexcenah is dab of Taylor Swift and Niki, plus her music showcases various themes of romantic lyricism and has take of melancholic lyricism as well.


In line with that, ‘Strangers Again‘ is a song for those who fell in the pit of unrequited love. Perhaps, it’s such a relatable for everyone who have experienced this kind of heartbreak. Moreover, her said debut single was released under Astral Mind, a collective of diversified artists with the passion and drive who want to tell their stories using music and visuals.

Don’t forget also to support by streaming her debut single on Spotify!


Which of these featured tracks is your favorite?

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