We are back with another set of our OPM Disc!

With too much things that is happening in this world, we would like to offer much needed good vibes to somehow give your heart a relief. To tell you, OPM Disc hopes to be the platform to some of our talented indie OPM artists that deserves a breakthrough!

In line with that, this week’s offering is rich with groovy tunes and heartfelt messages. Listen along with us to these local artists below!

Dom Guyot

Dom Guyot, OPM Disc

Hailing from Cebu, Dom Guyot is a Filipino R&B singer-songwriter. Known for his distinct and sensual tone, Dom is slowly slating digital platforms with his romantic lyricism and haunting melodies. To be honest, he isn’t afraid of showing deep emotions and vulnerability that is definitely evident in his tracks. More so, this multi-talented singer weaves his own verses, directs his own music videos and choreographs the steps for his tracks. What’s not to like, right?

He has been giving his own twist on R&B, creating tracks that varies from chill to soulful. Music is very much ingrained in Dom’s life, it is an outlet for pent up emotions. He uses music to express the things he couldn’t normally say or face. And he uses it to cope, and he wants the music he puts out to help others cope, just as much as it helped him.

I’m sure most of us needed to hear his tracks, especially during this tough time. Like his self-care song, ‘Here For U‘, it reminds us that our emotions are valid, whatever they may be,  these emotions are what makes us humans. Relate much?

Don’t forget to stream his tracks on Spotify!




A singer-songwriter, karwa, started composing her own songs back in high school as a way to release her sentiments. Simply put, music for her is an outlet to be appreciative of what we have, to say unspoken words we could have said, and to hope for things that might just come true.

Her first album, ‘Lockdown 2020‘, which was all recorded in her bedroom, was just released on Spotify last June! Apart from being into music, she is also passionate in movement, being a Yoga teacher, an Animal Flow instructor, and an avid contemporary dancer. She plays to move hearts of people, through her own little but significant ways.
In her track, ‘97th Time‘, she encapsulates the feeling of being stuck in an endless loop of hello and goodbyes. The overwhelming feeling of wanting to break free from something, or someone, only for you to keep being pulled back in. For how many times? 97th? You’ve lost count already.

In case you haven’t heard it yet, you can give it a listen below!

If you’re wanting a music video for ’97th time’, karwa gotchu! She is partnering up with dancers from Galaw.co for the home music video.

Support her on Spotify as well!


Banna Harbera

Banna Harbera

Banna Harbera is a five-piece band that engages with their audience through subtle, laid-back feels and soulful music. The independent soul-funk band formed in 2014 and currently consists of Yzabel Torres, Jake Masigan, Katrice Reyes, Justin Mendoza, and Patrick Felipe.

With two EPs under their belt, namely Persistence (2016) and Something New (2016), Banna Harbera has been a staple in the thriving Manila indie scene.

Check out the track below!


‘I Still Dig You’ is a  feel-good track that will entice new listeners and satisfy current fans alike. The band has a knack of putting into words feelings we are struggling to convey. 

So if you’re feeling confused with your emotions, listen to it on Spotify!

Which of these new releases is your favorite?

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