Another week means another set of discovering new releases on our OPM Disc!

Feeling a little adventurous? Today, we’re taking you on a detour from the mainstream and exploring the terrain of the “indieground” here in our own backyard for some new OPM artists we have yet to behold this February 2021.

Come join us on a smooth ride, cruisin’ to the beats of these OPM reppin’ breakthrough artists.

Arianna Bernas

arianna bernas new opm music february 2021

Similar sound to: Kehlani, Raveena, Jorja Smith

There’s not much you can scope on the interwebs about this charming and mysterious little lady from the Philippines. All you really need to know is that she makes amazing music with the most groovy beatmakers of our generation that you definitely won’t regret tuning into. Turn up or chill out to her music right now. It’s all great vibes.


CM Rosals

cm rosal new OPM music february 2021

Similar sound to: Joji, Mura Masa, Rich Brian

Speaking of groovy beatmakers, everybody make way for CM Rosal. A local brave heart, true indie child producing and representing his own music and still peaking at #33 on Top 50 Philippines with his debut track nonetheless!


If you’re into the lo-fi beat chill incorporating old school soul and jazz into just about any progression, CM Rosal is your go-to local bro.


Similar sound to: ALLMO$T, Shanti Dope, Soulstice

A talent that’s as fresh as they come, reppin’ the Gen Z kids with his tracks’ youthful endless summer vibe. 


His track “Halaga” produced by ELEVEN which includes the rising Pinoy hiphop star ALLMO$T, is just the cherry on top under the guise of a debut track of the massive potential from this up and coming talent!

Which one of these new releases sparks your interest?

Tell us all about it! We love hearing your thoughts! Let us know your thoughts and opinions by sharing them through the comments below! Or just simply hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter accounts @udouph.

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