Today, we have another OPM Disc for you guys! Together, let’s explore the music of the amazing OPM indie artists below. 

Whether you are looking for new anti-late-night-blues track or a perfect song while you’re staring at the ceiling, we’ve got what you need! It’s our pleasure to serve you another round of fresh indie OPM releases that will surely make you discover various talented Filipino artists.

For today, we’re going to listen to 5 indie OPM artists and who knows, you might fall in love with their tracks!

Anna Aquino

Hailed from Taguig City, Anna Aquino is an independent artist that has been pursuing her passion for music ever since she was young. She has fostering her writing skills through different songwriting boot camps and was able to release three songs on different digital platforms. With her angelic voice, there’s no doubt that she’ll convey her written songs well.


While listening to Narcissist, we just felt all the emotions that she was sending through those patterned verses. Honestly, this song carries the pain of loving a self-absurd person but eventually, flaunts of having an enough strength to move on and be a better person. To be frank, all can experience this kind of serious heartbreak but at the end of the day, it’s all about our choices—of moving forward and yes, turning the pain into a great masterpiece.

Relate much? Well, give a listen to Narcissist by Anna Aquino.

alpha yang

For starters, alpha yang has been sweeping digital platforms since 2017 just to give us his feel-good beat tracks. To tell you, alpha yang is a project that started out in 2016 behind the man named Jacob Yulo. Fueled with his passion in music where he can really express himself, alpha young quite releasing a lot of songs that you’ve never heard before!


One of them is ‘Take My Love’ that tells about holding on for someone who cannot reciprocate one’s love. This may sound familiar to everyone where love left the door but apparently, there’s still a little love lingering in their hearts. Nothing is worse than feeling this kind of torture, right? But well, thanks to alpha yang, he really did a great job in giving us an eargasm melancholic track!

Wanting to hear more of his songs? Check out his Spotify and who knows, this man might release his upcoming album!


Influenced by Talata, Moonstar88, and Urbandub, this band is currently releasing their written song after bagging awards in local indie battles in the metro.
Their current release track is called A.B.S.M or Ano Bang Sabi Mo that shares the bittersweet story of assuming in love. It can be mind-numbing to wait for someone’s empty promises but this band genuinely formed that experience into a great track.


Moreover, Taylah is a five-piece alternative rock and progressive band formed last 2016. It comprises of Jah, Tonic, Lerry, Jhie-ar and Jobet. However, after undergoing some changes with their style and music, they decided to start a new project called ‘Taylah’. So, explore their music by streaming their tracks on Spotify and Youtube!


Released under MCA Music, ‘Lambing’ is a conversation between a man and God which was written by the band’s vocalists Cyrus Valdez and Coco Cordero. Kicked-off with heavenly synth followed by cherry melodies, this song is definitely is a comforting one. Feeling burnout and stressed with this world’s burden? Then, listening to this song and be surprised by its powerful rap message.


Furthermore, the folk-alternative band Sasaya is gearing up for their upcoming album! For now, we can stream to their current release and their other song, ‘Bukas’ on Spotify, Apple Music, and other digital platforms.


Another band that we didn’t know before is ‘Afgala’ that came from the fancy term of “After Gala”. Pretty witty, right? According to them, it basically symbolizes our agendas in life, like how we spent time with people we love at the end of the day. Afgala is a five-piece band hailed from the south and was formed last 2018.


With their current release track, ‘Panaginip’ is such great song that kicked-off with dreamy synth followed by the crying sound of the violin. It conveys about admiring someone from a distant and been dreaming with all those butterflies with a wish of a happy ending. It’s a song that you might want to listen to while going on a walk, riding a bike, or just thinking of your special someone.

To give them support, you can stream their song on Spotify too!


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