Whether you just want to know another rising indie band, or you’re just exploring a new corner of a genre, know that this list is a good place to start!

We have been serving you all a slew of our different local artists every week but know that we’ll never stop because there’s still a plenty of them to be discovered! You’ve heard it right, here in UdoU, we’re continually striving happily to look for more so that we can give our local music artists a platform in order to support and let them share their music to everyone.

With that being said, here are four local music artists with different genres that you should be listening right now!


Probably, you’ll feel familiar when it comes to her captivating voice and will remember those songs that we belted to an endless karaoke sessions. Well, to tell you, the singer-songwriter, advocate of children’s rights, and OPM’s iconic sweet voice behind ‘Torete‘, Acel Ommen is back with her new single ‘Alaala’.

Aside from ‘Torete‘, there’s ‘Pag-ibig Kong Ito‘ and ‘One Love‘ that basically made us to fall in love all over again. But with her new release, you would definitely feel the sadness of letting go with Acel’s own written verses.

At some point, this track will give us that melancholic vibes of unrequited relationship. Like even though you have made a pile of those picture perfect memories, still you have to let go that someone and let him/her stay a memory from your past. Perhaps, this is definitely a relatable track for those who are trying to move forward after a saddening heartaches.

Caught your self appreciating the song? Well, ever since its release, ‘Alaala’ totally received appreciation for Acel’s her songwriting prowess and of course, her undeniable sweet voice. Know that you can stream her latest release in different digital platforms including on Spotify!



Giving us the taste of glimmering dream pop sound, Clockwork‘s newly-released single is definitely your go-to song whenever you’re in that irking situation. Say, you are stuck in that repeating conundrum while digging deep for a way out—this track will probably your favorite on a daily basis.

Simply put, we can say that ‘Who?’ is a relatable emo-ish kind of thing that brought us some hints of pop-punk crossover sense with its melancholic lyricism. In case you are so curious about this great track, give it a listen below!

You might here a lot of  different instruments but surprisingly, all those sounds were made by just a three young talented musicians namely Arvin Gallarte, Hedden Hipponia and Joaquin Parcon. Digging a little more, the band started weaving their own tracks last 2018 and eventually became stapled for more indie scenes in the Metro. According to them, they have a diverse set of influences including Greenday, The Beatles, The 1975 and Rivermaya.

On top of that, since gigs today are still cancelled, Clockwork‘s frontmant, Arvin Gallarte will perform live on a virtual fundraising event under Untitled Productions this coming Sunday. So, better mark your calendars now and stay tuned on their page for more updates. Don’t forget also to subscribe Clockwork on their Youtube account and stream their latest track ‘Who?‘.


We know that you’ve heard Insanara from us before, and today, we’re beyond excited to share that this band just released their 3rd single called ‘Araw at Gabi‘ under Curve Entertainment Inc and One OPM Music Group.

Hailing from Iligan City, Insanara weaves catchy melodies for people who are in love with their “hugot” songs in the narrative form. In case you haven’t heard their latest track, check it now below!

In line with their track, ‘Araw at Gabi‘ flaunts those kilig feelings we cannot hide when we’re really head over heels about someone but sadly, it’s is not openly reciprocated. Comprised with Jason Ramos, Miguel Tiamzon, Aj Perez Coronel, Renz Sentelices and Rex Reyes, this band is definitely the ones we’ll watch out for! For now, let’s continually support them by streaming their 3rd single which is available now in different platforms!


Hook, Line & Sinker

Hailing from the South, Hook, Line & Sinker is a project band formed by Edsel De Guzman of Drive of Daydreams , Aj Soliman of Out of Order and Nathan Abella of Pawikan. Though they have different bands of their own, the group basically share their same interest when it comes to their specific genre.

If you’re wondering about their music, feel free to check their single ‘You Don’t Know‘ below!

Etched with groovy tunes, ‘You Don’t Know’ was recorded during quarantine while staying at their respective homes. More so, it conveys about that irresistible feelings when you miss someone you love and definitely can’t to be with him/her again. On top of that, the band aims to hone their craft more and produce their album soon!

Truth to be told, we can’t wait for what this band has in store for us. So, let’s stay tuned on their social media accounts for more updates!

Which is your favorite among these tracks?

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