After uplifting all our spirits with their single ‘Sumaya, Sumigaw, Huminga’, One Click Straight continues to give us hope with the release of their new EP under Island Records Philippines!


Feeling down and stressed? Jam now with this four-piece band who just dropped their newest E, ‘S.S.H.’ with the same as their titular single ‘Sumayaw, Sumigaw, Huminga’. Created in the midst of this pandemic, the EP was created with minimal gear and equipment which allowed Toffer Marquez (vocalist and bassist), Sam Marquez (guitarist and songwriter), Tim Marquez (drummer and songwriter), and Joel Cartera (guitarist and percussionist) to be more adventurous and dive in beyond their normal process in making their music.

“Rock and roll, bahala na. We were thinking let’s just write songs the way we want and the way we can. We didn’t have a studio, we didn’t have much gear here at home. [It’s the] complete opposite of what we were doing before.”- Sam Marquez

A Call for Freedom

Related to the theme of the first single released, ‘S.S.H.’ is One Click Straight’s cry for freedom in the new normal where many feel confined and suffocated.

“One of the things that I want people to remember about the EP is that it’s a statement coming from a hopeless situation, but with a hopeful heart. It’s a hopeful outlook for the future as much as our lyrics are about missing someone, [whether] they passed away or something, and [about] frustration and anxiety.” Tim Marquez shared.

The EP includes two additional songs. In particular, ‘Wag Natin Sayangin’, with the subtle sound of the drums and a minimal up-beat in the vocals, features the punk rock origins of the band. The song will not just make you feel the rhythm while listening to it, with its lyrics, it will make you feel like spending your time with your loved ones.

On the other hand, ‘Minsan’, with the strums of the bass guitar and the background noise playing at the same time, talks about the beauty and struggle of remembering someone special. Veering away from the normal way of doing their music, this song was produced without the use of the electric guitar.

Hope in our Eyes

‘S.S.H.’ is also portrayed by an edgier and darker album art, a representation not just of their grunge rock origins, but also of their inspiration and feelings behind the music they are dropping, as opposed to their previous EPs and albums.

“For this upcoming EP and the single, we just wanted to let loose and wanted to go all out, not really caring or not letting other opinions change what we feel.”

Their single ‘S.S.H.’ also comes with a music video directed by Simon Te which shows the band expressing their feelings about their newest release. Check the premiere out through the link below!

But wait, there’s more to their music video because the band is also launching a website ‘Alone, but Not Lonely’, which shows the documented process of the making of this EP.

‘S.S.H.’ is not just a treat for their fans. It is also One Click Straight’s reminder to everyone during this pandemic that we can find hope, support, and joy in each other amid the tough times.

Don’t forget to stream their latest EP on different digital platforms, including on Spotify!

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