Missing the nostalgic golden age of rock? Dive into the music of The Wallblossoms who just released a track under O/C Records!

To give us the taste of the vibrant Britpop yet 60’s rock tunes, The Wallblossoms finally released their debut single ‘Lizzie‘ in several digital platforms. According to them, it is like a love letter to classic rock. Perhaps, you can hear notes blend with the nostalgic classical rock elements and the accompanying harmonic voices like from The Beatles.

In case you haven’t heard it yet, you can give it a listen below!

For one, this song has more somber take on the genre and not just go full blown happy hippy. Moreover, The Wallblossoms is hailed from Bulacan and comprised with Bri Constantino on vocals, Janssen Lopez on bass, Rafael Lanozo on guitars, and Jao Serrano on drums.

To tell you, the band is very thrilled also to announce they are part now of the growing family of O/C Records. Who just recently introduced ‘Project Moonman‘ and released the first EP “My Other Car’ of Garage Morning.

Perhaps, we have to expect for more new releases from this band under O/C Records soon! For now, let’s all stream ‘Lizzie‘ by The Wallblossoms on Spotify which will eventually give a nostalgic trip!


What do you think about the single track of The Wallblossoms, ‘Lizzie’ ?

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