“To my past self: You did it.”

88rising‘s global artist, Niki Zefanya finally released her debut album, MOONCHILD. Explaining her vision, MOONCHILD is two years of her relenting work and irradiates the youthful exploration through three lunar phases.

To tell you, NIKI encourages her listeners to stream the album from start to finish, ‘as it was intended’. That being said, you can absorb the creative playground of Niki and appreciate her prowess in writing songs that obviously shown in MOONCHILD.

“My prior works were about love and youth, this album is very much rooted in self. It’s essentially a musical parable about growth, which is fitting because that’s exactly what happened to me whilst making it. It was without a doubt the most challenging project I’ve ever worked on, but I wouldn’t trade the experience for the world!”-NIKI

Her Own Creation

Speaking of playing through the lunar phases, MOONCHILD beautifully distributed the 10 tracks to ‘Crescent Moon’ which represents innocence: Switchblade, Nightcrawlers and Selene , Half-moon which represents disillusionment: Tide, Pandemonium and Lose, and Full moon that symbolizes self-discovery: Plot Twist, If there’s Nothing Left and Drive on.

Though the sound is too far from her usual genre, her new album is totally a powerful one and a visual representation of the world she created or a mystical universe she dreamed of. Additionally, it embodies a coming of age genre of a  story or depicts a fiction novel that you’ll definitely love because of its concept and patterned verses.

“The word “Moonchild” came to me when I was going through a phase of staying up at ungodly hours of the night strictly to write music. I realized how much more energized and stimulated I felt at night compared to the day, and I referred to myself as a “child of the moon” because of it. I began imagining an entire, fictional universe in my head. Bringing those stories to life was a rollercoaster! I let go of any and all preconceived notions, rules and limitations I felt bound to and let my creativity take the wheel in any direction. You wouldn’t believe the mental gymnastics I put myself through to get this album to where it is now.” explained NIKI when speaking on MOONCHILD.

Moreover, alongside dropping the album itself, NIKI also released the lyric videos of Wide Open (Foreword), Pandemonium, Tide, If there’s Nothing Left, Drive On, and Nightcrawlers


For the inspiration of this beautiful album, NIKI thought of his beloved mother who passed away last 2019. In fact, she’s the one who pushed the global artist to pursue music in the first place. 

“She is the soul of this. She single-handedly was the person who encouraged me to start doing music. I pretty much owe my entire career to her.” -NIKI

Simply put, NIKI absolutely turned all those painful moments to a darn great masterpiece which she just served to us today.

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