An intimate Ballad that somehow speaks for your heart.

If you have already listened to her ‘Switchblade‘ and ‘Selene‘, you’ll definitely spot the difference with her latest single, ‘Lose‘ that absolutely flaunts the prowess of NIKI in songwriting. What’s more, ‘Lose’ is also the third single installment for her upcoming debut full-length album MOONCHILD that will be released under 88rising

To tell you, it has also a magnificent music video to compliment the single and yep, you can watch it below!

Lose is an intimate ballad chronicling the internal dialogue that ensues when one hits a tipping point in a tumultuous relationship. We did it in one take, just me and the piano in a room. Here we see Moonchild speaking to her guardian, The Moon, in a vulnerable moment of betrayal.” Niki expressed.

To be honest, she’s one of the best underrated artist that you’re sleeping on! This may etched with melancholic lyricism but you totally see hoe genius she is when it comes to her track, And girl, she only recorded it one take!  What’s not to like, right?

Following the tracks for her Moonchild album project, ‘Lose’ takes listeners into Phase 2 of the album’s sonic allegory. It tells the story of NIKI’s turbulent relationship with her creator, ‘The Moon’.

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“Lose”⁣ Phase II. Midnight ET.

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There is mystical connection and strong emotional bond as we can see but the betrayal make them separated faced a difficult battle. Speaking of her album, know that the ten-song Moonchildis an ambitious concept album that traces NIKI’s own journey while tackling universal themes of identity and empowerment. With all these mystified idea, people absolutely cannot wait for the release of the queen’s said album! Yay!

And with just a matter of time, ‘Moonchild‘ would be slating all digital platforms on September 10, 2020! We can say that ‘Lose’ is a masterpiece and perhaps, we’ll be overwhelmed once the moon already completed its phase.

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“MOONCHILD⁣” My debut album. September 10th. Preorder now (link in bio).

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