One lesson we can pick up from this is to always double-check. 

Filipino rapper, Nik Makino, has been the face of yet another issue after posting on social media a what could be a collaboration with American-Asian music label company, 88rising.

Starting this chain of events, Nik shared some photos on Facebook which show e-mails from Ollie Zhang, manager of 88rising saying, “We are very interested in Nik and would love to find ways we could work together.”

“We have many exciting things coming up in 2020 that he could potentially plug into,” he added.

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The post has been deleted since then.

Receipts don’t lie but misunderstandings can happen

Although Nik only captioned it with “Aww 88 😂“, people already assumed it was a music collaboration and looks like they’re not happy about it.

As soon as the whole thing blew up, 88rising immediately clarified that it was a misunderstanding.

Nevertheless, others still believe that even if it’s just a radio program, Nik shouldn’t be given a broader platform to promote his malicious songs nor himself as an artist.

Can you spot 88rising’s lowkey shade to Nik?

But seriously though, after clearing up the Nik issue, we can’t help but notice this certain tweet from 88rising.

Okay, call us out if we’re exaggerating but don’t you think that “No worries y’all” is kinda shady? If there’s no issue about collaborating with Nik then what’s there to “worry” about in the first place? Of course, it’s all assumption but aside from clarifying they aren’t working with him in music now, does this also suggest they don’t have any plans either in the future?

Well, if that’s what it really is then we’re not mad! After all, Nik is infamous for his sexist songs like ‘Neneng B‘. Also, let’s not forget about that issue of him stealing beats from Europe-based music producer Roko Tensei.

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And that’s all for today’s Internet tea, folks! What do you think? 

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