As an adulting person facing the initial stages of tito-hood, it fills me with great joy seeing the youngsters of today getting introduced to the most popular songs from when I was their age (and younger!). Not only do I enjoy listening to these goodies again as a different person, but I am also reminded of the golden days when my biggest problem was having to go online at a certain time so my planted tomatoes on FarmVille wouldn’t wither.

If you’re wondering why your 12-year-old relative is suddenly singing ‘Hips Don’t Lie’– a 2005 smash hit by Shakira that hit the radios when these kids weren’t born yet, there’s a good chance they heard it first on TikTok, a video-sharing app responsible for the reawakening of a lot of famous songs from the previous music eras. Here’s a list of some other old to semi-old smash hits whose popularity has been revived again by TikTok content creators.

When I Look At You- Miley Cyrus


Bringing us back to our Hannah Montana days is this power ballad by Miley Cyrus. Released in February 2010, this served as the official soundtrack to Miley’s coming-of-age film ‘The Last Song’ that was based on Nicholas Sparks’ novel of the same name. Thanks to a TikTok singing challenge joined by content creators and even local artists like Zephanie, Janine Berdin, and Elaine Duran, the track unexpectedly rose to fame again.

Love Story- Taylor Swift


If there’s one thing today’s teenagers and us, adults, have in common, it’s the fact that we were both young when we first saw Taylor Swift. ‘Love Story’ was T-Swift’s ticket to global domination when it came out in 2008. However, the public interest in this modern musical tale about Romero and Juliet was reignited when TikTok users started using it for a dance challenge.

Criminal- Britney Spears


Although this badassery-fueled pop ballad by queen Britney premiered in 2011, the song reached a new peak of daily streams on Spotify thanks to the controversial ‘Mugshot Challenge’ that went viral on TikTok this year.

Bleeding Love- Leona Lewis


Sing along if you’re a nineties kid who already had a grasp of what heartbreak felt like when this song came out!

Hailed as the best-selling single in 2008 worldwide, ‘Bleeding Love’ is arguably Leona Lewis’ biggest song in her career. More than a decade later since its release, it’s still being played by the young romantics for a variety of content– from song and dance covers to videos asking the viewers to sing along if they relate to whatever situation the creator has written in the video text.

Teach Me How To Dougie- Cali Swag District


Who would have thought that this 2010 one-hit-wonder that was once a global dance craze would dougie its way back to the present? Dancers on TikTok have apparently decided to add some nostalgic flavor to their covers, and so, once again they’re teaching us how to do the “Dougie” dance.

Hindi Kita Malilimutan- Basil Valdez


Who would forget that lovely time in TikTok history when various creators would dance against a heavenly background to the tune of ‘Hindi Kita Malilimutan,’ a.k.a the number one go-to song at funeral ceremonies in the Philippines?

Kabet- Gagong Rapper


“It really hurts!” is a sound born in the early 2000s from a local rap crew called Gagong Rapper. It’s the opening line on the verse right after Kabet‘s first chorus, sung by one of the group’s members whose voice resembles that of a young boy.

Today, this line echoes across different social media platforms, spawning thousands of videos not only on TikTok but also on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. We owe the resurgence of this classic jeje song to Mimiyuuuh, a famous YouTube vlogger, whose creative wackiness kick-started the #ItReallyHurtsChallenge.

Honorable mentions:

  • My Boo- Usher feat. Alicia Keys
  • Kiss- Tom Jones
  • Stand By Me- Ben E. King
  • Marry Your Daughter- Brian McKnight Jr.
  • Because Of You- Ne-Yo

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Any other song we forgot to mention?’

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