There is a saying that with great anime comes great anime openings. These openings are there to keep you hyped right from the get-go. These songs should be saved in your playlist or sing to it even though you don’t know the right lyrics.

Here’s a list of the most memorable songs in anime history.

10. “The Day” by Porno Graffiti – My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia is one epic anime and deserves an epic opening song. My Hero Academia has very good opening themes throughout its seasons that fans love. The opening theme perfectly dictates the type of character Deku is going to be.

On a journey to become the number one hero, the song gives the impression that Deku must give it everything he’s got. That he hopes that one day will truly be the day. The video package shows a compilation of Deku’s training as the strong spirited boy gives everything to be like All Might.

9. “Again” by Yui – FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood

“Again” is the first opening for Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. The opening theme takes the perspective of Edward Elric and the lessons he must learn along the way of recovering his brother and his bodies.

The song presents themes of there being more to life than what is seen by the eye. The video shows Edward becoming stronger and stronger along his journey. It also shows the people he meets along the way, friend or enemy.

8. “Sparkle” by Radwimps – Your Name

Your Name is an anime movie that every one cried and loved. It is a love story that revolves around destiny and fate. When you hear this music you can already hear the characters calling each other’s names.

7. “FLY HIGH!!!” by Burnout Syndrome – Haikyuu

Haikyuu is a sports anime with many epic moments. This opening shows the journey of Karasuno high during their inter-high preliminaries. It is the season 2 opening for Haikyuu.

6. “Silhouette” by KANA-BOON – Naruto Shippuden

Naruto: Shippuden has a lot of amazing openings but this song stands among the rest. This opening depicts Naruto’s journey from being a loner to being the most powerful ninja and the savior of the great war. This song is perfect for the Naruto: Shippuden last arc.

5. “The WORLD” By Nightmare – Death Note

“The WORLD” talks about a world of evil and darkness. This refers to the new world that Light is creating despite him thinking what he is doing is good. The song then transitions into the thought process of Light, not understanding why people think he’s bad.

4. “The Hero” By JAM Project – One Punch Man

When “The Hero” was played during One Punch Man’s release during the fall 2015 season, it took the internet by storm. The iconic “One Punch!” The lyric to open the song captured the hearts of fans.

The song has themes of justice and fits the satire theme of One Punch Man. The chorus draws from themes of not wanting the accolades that come with being a hero such as fame and bringing happiness to those saved. Similarly, Saitama is too bored by fighting to be a hero.  WAAAAAAAAAAAM PUUUUUUUUNCH

3.“Pokémon Theme” By Jason Paige – Pokémon

Arguably the most well-known opening theme in anime, the “Pokémon Theme” song has kids singing around the world.

The song revolves around Ash’s journey as he wants to become a Pokémon master. To do so he must win battles, meet new friends, and catch ‘em all. As the song states, it is his destiny.

 2.“Unravel” By TK – Tokyo Ghoul

Every anime watcher knows this opening because of the beautiful voice of TK. The lyrics talk about Ken Kaneki as he struggles to find who he is. The song acts as a breaking point for Ken as he finally comes to terms with himself. The song is done in every episode, as an opening theme in episodes two to 11 and an ending theme in episodes one and 12.

1.“Guren No Yumiya” By Linked Horizon – Attack On Titan

This opening theme is sure to give chills down your spine, Attack on Titan’s “Guren no Yumiya”. A story about Eren coming to terms with the new life he must live. Titans taking over humanity, losing their family, and realizing he is a titan himself; Attack on Titan’s opening theme is iconic in every sense.

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