2020 is about to launch itself into a big act of redemption by finally heeding our call for the music collab of our dreams.

Justin Bieber and Shawn Mendes, two of the greatest Canadian pop stars in their respective era, have joined forces for a single called ‘Monster.’ Announcing the news, the former took to Twitter today, November 17, and posted a 13-second snippet with dark, dreamy visuals and eerie-sounding instrumental music. He tagged Mendes– who retweeted the announcement– and wrote in the caption November 20th as the release date.

Fans have varying reactions. While many are screaming and on the edge of their seats, some can’t help but revisit that 2015 moment when Bieber was asked if he had advice for his fellow Canadian artist Shawn Mendes, and he claimed he didn’t know whom Mendes was. This interview immediately became controversial because, at the time it happened, Mendes was already emerging as the next big thing. Fans of the ‘Stitches’ hitmaker couldn’t help but feel like Bieber was only throwing shade.

‘Monster’ marks the first time these two young legends have teamed up for a song. It will also be the next track in Mendes’ forthcoming fourth album, ‘Wonder,’ slated to release in early December. It follows the title track that dropped in October– a stunning masterpiece that represents Shawn Mendes’ newfound musical identity accompanied by an equally captivating music video.

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On the other hand, ‘Monster’ will be Bieber’s latest track after his two new huge hits: ‘Holy‘ featuring Chance the Rapper, and ‘Lonely‘ with benny blanco. Recently, Bieber starred in a special Youtube documentary event called ‘Justin Bieber: Next Chapter,’ where the superstar took us on an honest journey back to his darkest years.

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