‘Wala Na Ang Init’ by Pusakalye and This Band is the collaboration that we never knew we needed.

Offering a unique dynamic and chemistry, the collaboration between Pusakalye and This Band seems reasonable at this point. No matter where you look at it, both bands serve nothing but heartbreaks in the guise of songs. And we’re not complaining! Because their recent collaboration surely hits hard.

For quite some time, Pusakalye and This Band became known for their great deal of heartbreakers. Pusakalye, for their fusion of melo-poetic and pop rock tunes. This Band, for their catchy and head-bopping pop sound. They do have different approaches when it comes to music. But despite that their music meets halfway, just like they did in their collaboration, ‘Wala Na Ang Init’.

A wistful acceptance of a lost love

As they say, love comes and love goes. And as much as we want that one romance to last, sometimes it doesn’t. ‘Wala Na Ang Init’ perfectly captures the idea of a dying romance. As painful as it sounds, the lyrics portray the sad acceptance of the bitter fate of one love. And speaking of the lyrics, it was written poetically romantic and painful at the same time.

The combination of the two bands’ vocalists, Oli Tayo and Andrea Manzano is nothing but perfection. Both have strong vocals to start with but they never out-powered the other. The song arrangement opened with a solemn, mellow harmony but it gradually finds its momentum. The drops in the song add that dramatic flair and that alone is enough to keep everyone reeled in.

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