For this week’s episode, Coke Studio PH brings us a collaboration between two of the biggest bands to ever grace the local music scene: Gab & John of Urbandub and The Ransom Collective!

A Melting Pot of Generations

One of the focal points lie within the fact that three generations of Philippine music have come together with this collaboration. Buddy Zabala and Raimund Marasigan shot to fame in the 90s with Eraserheads, Gab and John with Urbandub during the early 2000s, and indie-folk band The Ransom Collective in 2013. Fans from all three generations are surely in for a treat with this week’s episode.

Gab and John made sure that their collaboration highlights The Ransom Collective as it’s their time to shine. Being seasoned musicians, the youngins were slightly intimidated during the beginning. The seniors would offer their suggestions during song arrangements but still left them with the choice.

“First of Summer”

The Ransom Collective “Settled” (see what I did there) with “First of Summer”.

The band grew up with the Urbandub classic; an homage to their hometown of Cebu, “First of Summer” talks of a place called Mountain View where the band would chill and watch the city lights pop up one by one. Of course the youngins had their own interpretation of the song, but after unearthing the roots, it became even more sentimental.


The idea of a band like Urbandub covering “Fools” seem very out of reach, but did you know this was the first song Gab & John heard from them live?

John’s band Cables & Space helped out with bringing their cover to life. Because the song is very melodic, they had an easier time incorporating their own sound. They even took the time to appreciate Kian Ransom’s well-versed songwriting.

I “folk” with this cover so, so hard.

“Caution To The Wind”

As the lyrics for “Caution To The Wind” came together, each instrument from both parties weaved perfectly for the original song. The studio process tightened up The Ransom Collective a little, but Buddy and Raimund made sure to unburden the nerves with breathing exercises. They ended the day with an impromptu jam using coolers, bottles and spoons, and a ton of cans proving that the skill of a musician doesn’t heavily rely on their equipment.

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