Don’t you just love having two of your fave artists creating masterpieces of music collaborations? Singles are perfect in their own way, but two artists up the game with the blending of their voices, adding more emotions to an already perfect track.

So if you’re in for some treat, we have five music collaborations from your favorite local artists:

Magkaibigan o Magka-ibigan – Coeli and Miguel Guico

This song is about two friends who know deep inside that they are in love with each other, but can’t face it because they’re too afraid to ruin the friendship. And dear, Coeli’s voice mixed with Ben&Ben’s Miguel Guico—it’s too perfect, as if you can actually feel the emotions of two friends in love.

Kung Di Rin Lang Ikaw – December Avenue and Moira Dela Torre

December Avenue and Moira’s recent collaboration Kung Di Rin Lang Ikaw will break your heart both in terms of the song’s meaning, and their voices blending. Both artists are known for their sweet, pleading voice. And yet surprisingly, Moira sings the track in a different range, which she really should be doing more often, if you ask me.

Maybe – Reese Lansangan and Jensen Gomez

Maybe is another bittersweet track to listen to as it’s about two ex-lovers who met again, contemplating if they should try again or let it go. Jensen starts off with a sentimental voice, and when Reese came in, it just took the song to a higher emotional level.

Right Time – Johnoy Danao and Clara Benin

Johnoy Danao and Clara collaboration sounds like a track for a movie—it sets that hopeful vibes about falling in love when the right time comes. It was used for Nikki Gil and DJ Albert’s wedding video, and you can just imagine how lovely it sounded then. Plus, this isn’t the first time the two collaborated for a song.

Bahagi – Ebe Dancel and Autotelic

Ebe and Autotelic are known for their true-blue OPM songs, so this was undoubtedly a good match. Bahagi is not entirely a love song, as it sounds like an assurance that someone’s there for you no matter what. Both artists delivered this soulful song perfectly—a rare OPM gem.

What are your favorite music collaborations? Let us know in the comments!