Shanti Dope and IV of Spades, aka IV of Shanti, just BROKE GENRE STEREOTYPES with their original collab song ‘SA KAHAPON’. CONSIDER OUR JAWS DROPPED!

The Shanti Dope and IV of Spades collab was something that shookt us. Ever since the collab was announced, everyone’s been wondering how a rather bizarre pair-up could work.

We all know that IV of Spades concentrates more on disco, while Shanti Dope‘s music is more on rap/hiphop. So how could this possibly work? Well, thanks to Coke Studios with their trending OPM artist collab series, these super talented kids broke the boundaries between their genres.

And we’re proud to share their masterpiece. Marvel as these young music superstars Zild Benitez, Badjao De Castro and Blaster Silonga of the iconic IV OF SPADES, and the rap prodigy himself Sean Patrick Ramos a.k.a. Shanti Dope perform their EPIC collab: ‘Sa Kahapon’.

Are you as SHOOKT as we are now?

Wait ’til you see their mashup performance of ‘Bata’, ‘Dahan-Dahan’, and ‘Nadarang’!


As they said on their interview, this collab is about FRIENDSHIP between people from two different worlds.

And we see that, boys. We definitely see that. From our perspective, a strong bond between Shanti Dope and IV of Spades was formed in this collab. And we know it was their recipe to their awesome performance.

How cute!!

Disco x Rap is seriously LIT!

Just as Zild Benitez and Blaster Silonga pointed out during their Coke Studios interview, their collab was purposely done to break genre stereotypes and boundaries.

And after seeing how these two different genres make up an unusually awesome piece, we want more!

We’re sure you guys agree that that was one epic OPM collaboration! We’re HYPED UP and SCREAMING! We want more of Shanti Dope and IV of Spades PLEASE! IV of Shanti, Shanti of Spades, IV of Dope, whatever you want to call it, we want more!

How ’bout you guys? Let us know what you think of this MIND BLOWING COLLAB! Shoot us a comment below, and tune in as we update you with more posts onFacebook and Twitter @udouph.