We are loving the Sam Concepcion and Ben&Ben collab!

The fourth episode of Coke Studio Homecoming was definitely a fun and heartwarming experience, especially with the Sam Concepcion and Ben&Ben collab performance of ‘Balik-Balikan’. And Coca-Cola Studio Philippines quenched our thirst for OPM once again with this mind blowing collab.

So did you catch their Coke Studio PH Homecoming yet? If you haven’t, don’t worry ’cause we have the fun-filled jamming session right here for you!

You probably know Sam Concepcion as a Filipino artist for his multiple talents such as singing, dancing, and acting. And we’re also sure that you’ve heard of Ben&Ben‘s indie folk and folk pop music. These two artists definitely have a lot of hit songs storming the OPM scene! And we’re super happy to see ’em work together for Coke Studio Philiipines.

And for this particular Coke Studio Homecoming collab, we definitely think that Sam Concepcion and Ben&Ben’s collaboratoon made some harmonious melodies for a performance worth remembering. And this is not just because of their amazing talents, but also because of their stories showcased in the Coke Studio Homecoming episode.

We cant help but notice their unique talent in making the audience sway to every beat of their music. *sigh*

You can’t deny how joyous the crowd was as seen in the video––how they clapped, danced, and jumped all throughout the Sam Concepcion and Ben&Ben collab.

Add some empty bottles of Coke, and the crowd even contributed to the numerous musical instruments played by the band of Ben&Ben. And if you ask us, it was definitely an overall captivating jamming session!

So jam with us! Here’s a lyric video of ‘Balik-Balikan’ by Sam Concepcion and Ben&Ben!

‘Balik-Balikan’ is a truly heartwarming song that showcases what Pinoy music really is about at its finest. Its lyrics can move the heart as it reminds the listeners that no matter how far they are from their home country, they could always find their way back.

And as Paoo Guico said himself in a live performance of ‘Balik-balikan’,

This song is about family. This song is about all the OFWs, and for people who want to chase their dream but have to leave some things behind.

Itong kantang ‘to (this song right here), this is the song to your family na (that) one day, uuwi rin kayo sa’min (you’ll come home to us too).

Watch the full video of their performance here.

How ’bout you? What do you think of the Sam Concepcion and Ben&Ben collab for Coke Studio Homecoming? Did you love it as much as we did? Let us know in the comment section below. Or better yet, send us a message on Facebook and Twitter @UDoUPh. We would definitely love to know your thoughts and how the song made you feel!