Quest X Juan Miguel Severo, Coke Studios did it again. We have yet another mind blowing collaboration between spoken word artist Juan Miguel Severo and singer/rapper Quest.

This inspiring ballad by Quest X Juan Miguel Severo entitled ‘D.K.R (Darating Ka Rin)’ will lift your spirits. This is a piece speaking to the heart of all the dreamers out there.

And if you ask us, it’s telling us to be brave and take the leap. Hear it for yourself with the video below.

Sa bawat araw, oras-oras
Hanapin ang iyong pagkakataon
Sa bawat linya ng bawat kuwento
Sumasalamin ng bawat panahon
Sugat at duda, daloy ng luha
Sundan ang puso mong nagtatanong
Nasa kasalukuyan ang kasagutan
Bumangon ka sa pagkakabaon

Nothing less than something heart-pulling from Juan Miguel Severo, right? We first knew him when his slam poetry made it big in social media. From then on, his career began to roll like crazy! And of course, Juan Miguel together with Quest is just whoa!

Quest is known for his heartbreaking and hit single called ‘Walang Hanggan.’ And his collaboration with Juan Miguel to the song ‘D.K.R (Darating Ka Rin)’ is giving us the ultimate goosebumps! This song surely gives warmth and can give us hope when we’re 15 feet under.

D.K.R. hits fans HARD with 2,420,187 views in less than ten days after its release on YouTube!

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Watch as Quest X Juan Miguel Severo captures our hearts with their perfectly collaborated (see: mind blowing) performance of ‘Pagsisiga Sa Tabing Dagat’ and ‘Sige Lang’.

Add D.K.R. (Darating Ka Rin) to your Spotify OPM hit list right now!

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