MIND BLOWING COLLABS: Pati Pato – Shanti Dope x Chito x Gloc-9

Yes, you heard it right. Our favorite artists Shanti Dope, Chito, and Gloc-9 just released a collab called ‘Pati Pato’—AND IT’S LIT AF!

‘Pati Pato’ is a long-overdue masterpiece crafted by only the best of our OPM artists!  Aristotle “Gloc-9” Pollisco, Alfonso “Chito” Y. Miranda Jr., lead vocalist of Parokya ni Edgar, and up-and-coming rapper Sean Patrick “Shanti Dope” blessed us with this new track, boasting the talent of Filipinos in creating explosive rap music and insane bars!

And as if it’s not already mind-blowing enough, the collab song also includes Shanti Dope’s uncle-slash-producer, Lester “DJ Klumcee” Vaño.

Pursuing ‘passion’

In ‘Pati Pato’, each of the artists throws off different styles of lyrics but all relating to one message: PURSUE YOUR DREAMS. In the first part of the song, Gloc-9 tells us every person is unique and should use this individuality to pursue our passion even if we are faced with many struggles. Chito starts his line by reminiscing his hurdles in the past.

“Nag simula kami wala akong pera, baon kami sa utang kahit na Atenista, wala akong talento hindi rin ako guwapo pero tangina nila di ako nag patalo.”

With this, he ends by saying that everyone, at a given time, will face difficulties in life but that’s what makes us become the best version of ourselves. While Shanti Dope mentions his downfalls in life–questioning himself and his abilities. Even though, he still used this to test his limits as an artist.

In the chorus, DJ Klumcee joins Gloc-9: “…dapat itaya mo kahit pa dehado, itodo mo na ang iyong panabla pati pato!”

Young prodigy

This collab may just be our 2019 version of ‘Bagsakan’! For those who didn’t know, Gloc-9, Chito Miranda, and the legendary Francis Magalona originally performed this song! Inevitably, it became one of the top rap songs in the country because of the iconic collaboration.

And now, after the death of the “King of Filipino Rap”, FrancisM, time has given us a brand new talent, Shanti Dope. Some are saying that he will eventually be the next “king”. There are even rumors saying Gloc-9 has chosen Shanti Dope as his successor in the music industry.

And at the age of 18, this fresh artist has accomplished so much! He is dominating the Filipino rap scene with his top songs, ‘Nadarang’, ‘Norem’, and ‘Shanti Dope’.

In case you haven’t heard ‘Pati Pato’ yet, we recommend you listen to it right now!!!

What do you think of this “lit AF” collaboration? Will ” Pati Pato be your new on-the-go song?  Share with us your thoughts in the comments down below. Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.

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