MIND BLOWING COLLABS: Patawad, Paalam by Moira de la Torre and I Belong To The Zoo

“Sorry” and “Goodbye”—these are probably the two hardest words to say. And with that, Moira Dela Torre and I Belong to the Zoo team up for one big heartbreaking song entitled ‘Patawad, Paalam’!

Right off the bat, we already think that this song is going to break our hearts. Moira  Dela Torre plus I Belong To The Zoo equals “mapanakit“. And judging from the song title alone, we already know what we’re getting ourselves into! So get your tissues ready as we listen to ‘Patawad, Paalam’!

The perfect pair

Moira and Argee (I Belong to the Zoo) are the perfect pair… if you want to get your hearts crushed, at least. We need not say more, but I think we can all agree that Moira has been pretty good at writing songs that can make grown men cry. My personal favorite is ‘Tagpuan‘ as it certainly can have different interpretations depending on who is listening to it. My interpretation was that sometimes when we experience pain, we have so many whys. But then there comes someone who makes you realize why you had to go through all the pain and then you’ll know that all of it was worth what you have now.

To date, the most popular song we all know by I Belong To The Zoo is ‘Sana’, which basically says “You should’ve told me earlier that you’d leave me now.” Because sometimes we build a future in our heads which includes our S.O., not knowing that they could leave us any minute. What a waste!

Needless to say, if you need a good cry, this pair is definitely recommended on their own. But now, they have a collab! What more could we ask for?

Patawad, Paalam

“Sorry,” and “Goodbye,” are probably the two hardest words to say, especially during a breakup. ‘Patawad, Paalam’ talks about how there should be individuality in a relationship. We always say this, but we will say it again, your partner does not complete you. You have to still be able to recognize yourself apart from the relationship. The song is more like a conversation, too than an actual duet.

The story is that the two broke up before because one of them had to find himself with the promise that he’d love the girl fully in his return. But in the process, he lost the girl. And now he’s asking for that one chance to get back together, but the girl believes that he never should have left in the first place.

In conclusion, this is the story of a relationship that ended bitterly. Finding yourself at the cost of the relationship. You can listen to it on Spotify, too!

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