Moira dela Torre and Nieman breaks our heart in their mind blowing collab of their new single ‘Tell Nobody’

Moira dela Torre and Nieman had a live performance for their new song entitled ‘Tell Nobody,’ the second single for their EP ‘Knots.’ And we must say, it is such a beautiful collab!

If you love listening to heartbreaking songs, then you probably know Moira dela Torre. Famous for her heart-rending ‘Malaya’ and ‘Tagpuan,’ Moira continues to make it big in the Philippine music. In fact, she was recently awarded at the Awit Awards 2018! Nieman, on the other hand, is a rising singer who is known for her collaborations with the female singer.

And we just cannot wait to share with you Moira dela Torre and Nieman’s spellbinding collaboration of ‘Tell Nobody.’ Warning though! Its classic R&B sounds are bound to pull at your heartstrings!

It kind of explores the breakup of a relationship. That awkward moment where you have to draw the line in the sand and separate what used to be shared, is now individual ownership.

Nieman stated as he introduced ‘Tell Nobody,’ and his intro to the song alone is enough to justify that this song is just painful!

*Sigh!* Breakups are really agonizing, aren’t they?

Bend and break
What’s left to take?
I don’t know what else to say
Nothing really stayed the same

Pack up all that remains
Dust settles on the frame
Picture began to fade
Take your things and…

The story found in the lyrics showcase the tough stages of moving on. Especially the first step––having to endure the process of moving out, away from the place that used to be home. #OUCH

Wanna really internalize all that pain, all that emotion? *sigh* Here’s the lyric video for Moira dela Torre and Nieman’s ‘Tell Nobody’.

Sorrows aside, this mind blowing collaboration of Moira dela Torre and Nieman is soulful and mesmerizing. No wonder we felt the pain laced through the song composition. And we’re excited to see what’s next for the OPM scene with these two!

What do you think of the heart-wrenching collab of Moira dela Torre and Nieman? Did their new single make you feel the pain of break ups, like we did?  Let us know what you think of these talented artists in the comment section below. Or better yet, you might want to send us a message on our Facebook and Twitter @UDoUPh. We’d love to know what you think!