The new Kung Di Rin Lang Ikaw music video from Moira Dela Torre and December Avenue is the ULTIMATE hugot video we’ve all been looking for.

We all know how Moira Dela Torre & December Avenue’s collab performance is so mind blowing that it stirred our emotions to the core. And when they finally dropped the Kung Di Rin Ikaw music video, we were left with nothing but broken hearts. Shout out to everyone who’s, dare we say, SAWI!

It’s the #1 TRENDING video on YouTube right now, and we’re sure you’ve seen it. But we’re showing it to you again in an attempt to mend our broken hearts.

And no, we don’t stop there. Here are some of our favorite snaps from the video:

We feel you, guys! Like, a lot.

If those snapshots weren’t enough, here are some of our favorite tweets from YOU! Being one of the hugot Kings and Queen, fans knew what to expect from Moira and December Avenue.

We know you want to hear this song on repeat, with or without the video. Listen to it now here.
We’re sure this Kung Di Rin Lang Ikaw music video gave you all the feels. And if you want more hugot music videos and OPM collabs, let us know in the comment section below! Better yet, tune in as we update you with more posts on Facebook and Twitter @udouph.