We were all SHOOKT when we heard that there’s gonna be a IV of Spades and Moira collaboration. The female solo artist first teased this collab with the trio through a tweet. And part from that, there weren’t much information shared online.

Now, there are only a couple of days till the release. And if you’re like us, we know you’re itching to get more deets on the IV of Spades and Moira collaboration! So we did some digging for you, starting some tweets from Moira dela Torre herself.

Could this be the song title? We need more clues! So as part of our investigation, we looked back on some of Moira’s previous collabs with other OPM artists.

Remember when Moira jammed with AJ Rafael?

It was just a simple jamming sesh, but could the songstress have gotten inspiration form the FilAm YouTuber?

How ’bout this BIG Collab with Ben & Ben

We mean, you may say that Ben&Ben‘s music is a little closer to IV of Spades’. Do you think the IV of Spades and Moira Collaboration might sound like this?

And don’t forget Moira’s collab with December Avenue!

This one had so much HUGOT in it! Could her collab with IV of Spades be the same?

Man, this OPM sweetheart really does have a singing voice that harmonizes perfectly with anyone. We can’t say we got much info with these collabs, but hey! We defo enjoyed the search.

And to continue with our investigation, we also try to get into the heads of the boys IV of SPADES. Here’s what we have so far:

We all know that Shanti Dope has an up and coming collab with IV of SPADES thanks to COKE Studios Ph.

And budding boy band AM/FM’s interview hints a dream collab with IV of SPADES.

… but could Saab Magalona have beat ’em to it?

We don’t know yet, but there’s definitely so much to look forward to!

Now we’re just counting the days ’til we hear the MOST AWAITED IV of Spades and Moira Collaboration.

And we couldn’t be more EXCITED! We know that a collab between Moira Dela Torre & IV of Spades will be unlike any other.

But wait! That’s not the only news that we have in store for you guys!

These artists are actually scheduled to share the stage together THIS SUNDAY (September 16, 2018), at Eton Centris in Quezon City for the Acer Day Digital Concert.

This IV of Spades and Moira collaboration is definitely a tough one to crack. Maybe we’ll find out on Sunday. But not to worry, we’re still trying to work our magic to get the latest updates to you! For now, let us know which OPM artist collaboration was your favorite. And who else would you like to see do a music collaboration together? Let us now through Facebook and Twitter @udouph for more updates!