Dua Lipa collaboration alert! The American singer confirmed that she’s collaborating with BLACKPINK, and we are are #SHOOKT!

The Dua Lipa with BLACKPINK collaboration was confirmed with her tweet on the announcement of the deluxe re-issue of her self-titled debut album.


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And as Dua Lipa fans rejoiced with the news, BLACKPINK stans were also shooketh! It’s not everyday that American mainstream singers collaborate with Asian—and K-pop at that—artists.

Other K-pop collabs with American artists include BTS collaborations (remixes with Steve Aoki and Fall Out Boy), Far East Movement collaborations (Chanyeol & Tinashe, Tiffany & King Chain), and Wendy of Red Velvet’s collaboration with Ricky Martin. And that’s just to naming a few.

This Dua LipaXBLACKPINK collab also remind us of a track by Ke$ha that Girls’ Generation performed for a track. Listen to the stream below to check out a side-by-side track of the two renditions!

The NEW Dua LipaXBLACKPINK collab track on the deluxe edition of Dua’s self-titled album will be called “Kiss and Make Up”. And we can’t wait for how these two artists will share the track!

Both Dua Lipa and BLACKPINK have famous breakup tracks, New Rules and See U Later, respectively. But this new collab track sounds like a a get-back-together song. Does this mean the girls are giving second chances, well, a second chance?

Dua Lipa will be performing in Manila on September 14, and we hope that she drops some hints about this collab in her MOA Arena show!

At this point, all we can really do is guess about this new Dua Lipa collaboration with BLACKPINK. So if you have some theories to share with us, send ’em to us at Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh. We need someone to discuss this with, so please hit us up!

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