Marxx and Alwyn, a duo of Filipino electric musicians consisting of Producer-Singer-DJ Marx Monterola and Guitarist-Producer Alwyn Cruz, is set to release ‘Please Lang’ and ‘Next to Me’, millennial OPM songs, which speak to all types of lovers this Valentine’s Day.

So whether you’re heartbroken, or madly in-love this Valentine’s Day, Marxx and Alwyn have got something for you!

‘Please Lang’ by Marxx and Alwyn

Marxx and Alwyn
Please Lang by Marxx and Alwyn

Their first song ‘Please Lang’ speaks about the pain and struggles of getting closure from a cheating lover or an overlapper. This heartbreak song, which was first heard on PLAY FM won Breakthrough Artist of the Week.

An “overlapper” according to Urban Dictionary, is someone who fails to break up their current relationship before starting a new one. They are always in a relationship. And they can’t stand being alone so they have the next person lined up before breaking up with their current fling. Ouch, right?

The chorus is all about asking for that person to just set it straight if there’s already someone else in their hearts. And letting them know that they won’t fight for the relationship anymore.

Di ba natin pwedeng pag-usapan?

Para matapos na ‘to

Kung siya ang laman ng puso mo

Hindi na ako mangugulo

Please lang

And here’s another hugot line that asks “why do I have to find out from someone else?” And that “you can choose to not hurt me.”

Kailangan ko pa bang malaman sa iba?

Pwede mo naman huwag akong saktan

So here’s a shout out to all those victimized by overlappers this Valentine’s Day! We feel your pain. You can watch the lyric video of ‘Please Lang’ below:

‘Next To Me’ by Marxx and Alwyn

Marxx and Alwyn
Next To Me by Marxx and Alwyn

This second song by Marxx and Alwyn is one for the romantics! Because of course, there’s more than pain in love. So they created ‘Next to Me’ to tickle the hearts of the lucky ones. The chorus goes:

I need you

I ain’t shit without you, baby

Feel you

I just need your kissin’ lately

Nah nah nah

You’re the reason I can breathe

I just need you next to me

‘Please Lang’ is currently available to stream on Spotify. And ‘Next to Me’ will be premiering on YouTube this coming Valentine’s Day at 2 PM! So stay tuned!


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